Broward County to Consider a $3 Million Emergency Fix of Fort Lauderdale Beach Erosion

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(Chris Sweeney)

The Broward County Commission is considering an emergency fix to repair the sidewalks along A1A north of Sunrise Boulevard after Hurricane Sandy and ocean swells caused beach erosion that ultimately sucked portions of the street into the sea.

The commission is looking for approval of $3 million for metal sheet pile installation and sand placement along the damaged areas.

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The measure was introduced by Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry, and she says the county will seek to split the cost with Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Department of Transportation.

On November 23, the Florida Department of Transportation declared an emergency after chunks of the street collapsed and washed into the ocean. Temporary concrete barriers were put in place the next day.

Most of the damage was due to Hurricane Sandy, but a low-pressure system that caused northerly swells also contributed to the street's getting slammed and essentially disintegrating, according the National Weather Service.

Due to high-tide flooding, northbound traffic on A1A has been closed off between Sunrise Boulevard and NE 20th Street, with one southbound lane of A1A open, causing traffic headaches as swells washed over onto the street. 

The area has become a place for people to gather to gawk at the damage and shoot photos.

The Broward County Commission will consider the move at its December 11 meeting.

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frankd4 topcommenter

................not to mention of course the WRONG sand was probably purchased because ITS supplier might have made a better under-the-table well as those gigantic ships that have parked off-shore over the years and have scowered away the protective coral reefs - didn't it take twenty years to just have these ships park a half-mile further out ?

anyway stay-tuned for the effects of ocean water contaminated by un-treated fecal matter on A1A from the 40,ooo,ooo gallons PER DAY of sewage pumped into the ocean not far from the current erosion site

frankd4 topcommenter

well ft lauderdale cas start by asking for the money back spent on that two foot wall from about sunrise on the south to the end of the park border on the north - that was such a shoddy construction job even without much effort the top finishing pieces came loose on much of it - and most of that no where near the actual erosion

funny how mother nature reveals such schlock(1) jobs....and then gets blamed for it

this particular schlock(1) job was so bad it must have been factored in so that replacement would be necessary sooner than a real honest job would have provided.......SO NOW everything can be replaced and blamed on the storm !

so now the FLA DOT can replace, at its cost, to cover-up the job ft lauderdale inspection rendered adequate and then paid for on the work done by schlocks (1)

HEY it wouldn't be called SOUTH FLORIDA if this weren't true !

(1) something shoddy or inferior  yet so bad it would be easily detectable by a knowledgeable and honest inspection


SAND DUNES!  -don't kill another  reef for sand


The beach road is going to have to be moved inland. The ocean is not going to move. Next up for demolition by Mother Nature is the beach road in front of the luxury hotels. $3 million isn't going to fix anything long term.


I hope they can get this beautiful beach fixed quickly as much of Broward County's economy depends on our beach tourism

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