"Balloon Boy" Family Resurfaces in Florida; The Heene Boyz Being Promoted as "The World's Youngest Metal Band"

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People around the world were collectively glued to their TVs on October 15, 2009, when Richard and Mayumi Heene called the Federal Aviation Administration and a Colorado TV station and reported that their son Falcon had accidentally floated 7,000 feet into the sky in a homemade experimental flying saucer. 

Of course, the "balloon boy" was found unharmed hiding in the attic, and the family was accused of having perpetrated a hoax to publicize a reality show they had in development. Richard later served 90 days in jail for the colossal waste of emergency resources; Mayumi, 20 days. They also had to pay a $36,000 fine (plus another $11,000 to the FAA) and a judge prohibited them from profiting off the hoax. 

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But the family has not gone quietly into that good night. Kinda the opposite, actually.
The family has resurfaced in -- where else? -- Florida and they're working to reinvent themselves. 

The kids formed a band and have since been kicking around the state music circuit as the Heene Boyz, billed as "The World's Youngest Metal Band." Falcon is now 9 and a singer; his brother Bradford, now 13, plays lead guitar, and Ryo, 12, is on drums. They all have long hair and look like a mini version of Slayer. 

Our feature story this week is all about the family and what you've been missing the past three years. That will be ready later today; for now, you can read an interview with the Heene Boyz -- and check out a couple of their videos -- over on our music blog, County Grind.

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