Allen West Says Hillary Clinton Came Down "With a Case of Benghazi Flu"

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Allen West appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to play the GOPers favorite new game: LET'S BEAT THE WHOLE BENGHAZI THING INTO THE GROUND BECAUSE THAT'S HOW WE ROLL!

West, who should know a thing or two about military scandals and things of that nature, came out and basically said that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton postponed her testimony on the September attack in Libya because she's been battling a case of "Benghazi flu."

This, of course, being a reference to Clinton suffering a concussion after taking a fall over the weekend.

So clever and erudite, that West. It's no wonder he's so beloved.

"I'm not a doctor, but it seems as though that the secretary of state has come down with a case of Benghazi flu," West says in the interview.

"I think we have to get to the bottom of this. There's still very -- countless amount of unanswered questions. We need to know who altered the intelligence report," he added.

Yes! A lot of unanswered questions! If only there was a thorough and official report that gave us answers to all those unanswered ones!


Well, yes, but, how can we trust a government that just won't admit to our inane accusations so we can gain some arbitrary political points against the president because we're butthurt about his winning reelection?

Hillary Clinton fell down and bruised her brain. OR... DID SHE???


Of course!

But Colonel West and his teabaggy friends will no doubt continue to fight the good fight of ineptitude, bravely appearing on cable networks like Fox News and throwing down sharp one-liners he thinks up in the shower.

"Benghazi flu?" That's gold, Jerry! GOLD!

Good to know that, even after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of an underdog challenger, despite being backed by millions and millions of dollars to win reelection, Allen West remains, as ever, a steadfast and loyal asshole.

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Nobody seems to give a shit about state department workers or embassy personnel , until one gets killed. It is often a selfless job in a shithole location surrounded by hostilities. Now, out of the blue, the misplaced outcry for disclosure. No surprise.


So the criminal West still will not go away..  The problem with his argument is she is still going to appear before Congress.  But nothing can stop his mudslinging since if he stops, he will lose the job op with FAUX "news".

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Anyone catch which ambulance came for Hillary? Which hospital admitted her?  I mean, a CONCUSSION!.  Shouldn't someone have checked her out?  Guess not.  If she says it, it must be so. 

riverrat69 topcommenter

Asshole Allen is back with his frightwingnut vitriol.  He's been lying a little low. Do you think losing humbled him somewhat?

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