Why You Had to Work Today, and What You Can Do to Survive

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3. Get Drunk as F**K

If there's ever a day to get wasted on the job, it's today. No one 's around to yell at you. And it's Friday. Hell, we're wasted right now while writing this. Why aren't you? Grab a bottle of that holiday red, dim the fluorescent lights to a garish warm, fuzzy sheen, and get totally bombed.

You earned it. You're working today.


2. Work

We don't recommend this option.

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1. Leave. Do it now!!

Just go home. This is getting ridiculous. Peek around, make sure no one -- if there's actually someone around -- is aware of your activities, then get the hell out. Go home. Reflect on the things you have done.

All that work on your desk? It will still be there on Monday. Promise.

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