Voting Problems Rampant in Broward-Palm Beach

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Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight ran one last projection for Florida, and this is what he has:

Our projected margin in Florida now Obama 49.797, Romney 49.775


So, naturally, Florida is prepared and ready to churn out a smooth election. And by "ready to churn out a smooth election," we mean "Florida is totally going to Florida up the 2012 Election."

So far, voting problems have been rampant in Broward/Palm Beach.

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Ballot counting snags and missing precincts in West Palm, ballot misprints in Palm Beach Gardens, no ballots in Delray Beach. Floriderp.

@Millieee03 tweeted us this:

Precinct in Chapel Trail Florida in Pembroke Pines. scanning machines aren't working forcing people leave without voting

@ipenelope tweets:

So our big delay was one of the machines broke. They just got it running. Could have voted an hour ago! #Floriduh

@Lane_ tweeted:

Scanner went down where I voted on Boca. Ascension church on federal highway

Morning radio personality Paul Castronovo tweeted out this pic with the caption:

Cluster F}%*ck at the polls

castronovo 1.jpg

Also this:

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Some of the problems are being fixed, while some are slow. Some lines are running smooth, while others are at a stand-still.

There's going to be glitches and problems on Election Day, naturally. 

But when it's Florida, the entire country clenches their buttholes and hopes to the Baby Jesus that we don't screw things up again -- as we are wont to do.

We'll be updating this post throughout the day

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I'm going to bring my own scanner and bag full of votes.

Go Obama!

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