South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your News and Palm Beach Blogging Nominees

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Palm Beach County is a picturesque bastion of peace and quiet, quite the contrary of its southern neighbor (we're talking to you Miami-Dade). And loyal residents from Lake Worth to Boca Raton are dedicated to showing the world what's happening in their little piece of paradise. These bloggers cover everything from charity work to local gossip, on the regular.

Wes Blackman's City of Lake Worth Blog
This blog offers the daily musings of Wes Blackman, Lake Worth resident and uber-involved citizen extraordinaire. Wes talks political candidates, city council issues, current events, news items and everything else happening inside city limits.

Lake Worth Every Minute
This friendly neighborhood blog covers all things Lake Worth, from sunset snapshots and local debate coverage to new business openings and surf conditions. Known around town for her blogging prowess, this former Unite Press International photographer has her finger on the pulse of her little city.

Gossip Extra
Everyone loves a little gossip. Or a lot of gossip. The online home of former Palm Beach Post gossip columnist and Radar Online executive editor Jose Lambiet, Gossip Extra shovels all the dirt on South Florida's politicos, celebrities and notorious names.

Palm Beach Live Work Play
This "lifestyle network" dishes out content on all the ins and outs of Palm Beach County. They're home to info on fashion, dining, entertainment, automobiles, finance, real estate, sports, charity and everything else of importance under the Florida sun.

--Hannah Sentenac and Alex Rodriguez

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