Rush Limbaugh Says Romney Will Win by Landslide, Cites His Own Common Sense

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Radio blowfish blowhard Rush Limbaugh opened his face hole again and said that it's pretty friggin obvious that Mitt Romney is going to win the election tonight. And not just win it, but win it by a landslide!

Despite every single poll showing a tight race, Romney's actually going to win this thing via a blowout, according to Rush.

Because polls, statistics, variables and data doesn't matter.

Know what really tells us who's going to win?


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"Common sense tells me this election isn't gonna be close -- and it shouldn't be," Limbaugh said on his afternoon radio program. "And yet, every poll, every single poll, has this race tied.

Every poll from both Republicans and Democrats say this is a tight race. But forget that. This thing is going to be a Romney landslide because of ... my ... Spider senses!

"I have said that as we get down to the election, the polls are gonna reflect what's really gonna happen because the pollsters want to get it right for the future," he said later in the program. "That has not happened. It has not happened. There's not one poll that gives either candidate an edge, not one pollster is willing to stick his neck out here."

The polls are gonna reflect what's really gonna happen except that they won't! Also, no pollster is willing to stick his neck out there. Except this guy.

"The enthusiasm that got people out in 2010, I'm seeing at every Mitt Romney rally. Romney's drawing crowds of 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 15,000."

Forget the data! Mitt's drawn big crowds to his rallies! You seen Obama's crowds? Yes, they too have been just as big, if not bigger, but poor people don't count.

But, forget all that.

What's really going to determine the winner of this election is football. You see, the Washington Redskins have correctly predicted the winner of the election since 1937. If the 'Skins won their final home game, the incumbent president would win the election.

The Redskins lost this past Sunday. ROMNEY 2012!

"The Redskins lost to the Carolina Panthers," Limbaugh said. "That means Romney wins. I guarantee you, if the Redskins had won the game, that's all you would be seeing on the media today. I guarantee you. You can't find it anywhere."

That's right. Romney wins. This is fool proof. It's worked for every election since the 1930s! Except that one time when the Redskins lost and George W. Bush still beat John Kerry in the election.

But that's not the point! The point is, if the Redskins had won, that's all you would hear in the media because the media is in the tank for Obama!

So, put all these nonsensical ramblings of a pill poppin dickhead and what do you get?


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love it! Romney should have got it by a land slide! but of course the world has become lazy bums, so of course we get Obama again. 


Well all i have to say to limbaugh, is 1 remember you live in the us where the majority of people are ignoret, gollabel, and idots, cant you tell? Its hard for me to think that after 911 that the peope in this good ol usa would elect a damn muslem yes i said muslem, if you havent figured that one out, than you are part of the idots in this country! Oh and to you that voted for Obama Benladen thank so much for your ignorens, and stupidety. Now this country is trully F**ked! THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!  

riverrat69 topcommenter


 You're obviously 84 with a terminal case of Alzheimers.


@sharrison_38 please hit spell check next time. Oh, and read a good book you looser. OBAMA time lives!!!!!!


 @sharrison_38 Speaking of ignorance your spelling errors breeds that of uneducated piece of white trash. The irony of all  this is that  YOU will most likely benefit from  the tax raises of the wealthiness Americans that Obama purposes.  MUSLEM??? you mean Muslim? right? If Obama were Muslim he would be the worst Muslim ever being that he attends the same Church George W Bush attended, and that he was baptized at the Church of Christ. Was the killing Osama Bin Laden not enough proof either that he's not a radical Muslim!!Get a life Sharrison or better yet do your research before you open your ignorant mouth. 



 makes sence to people who work,save, and do what the hell their suppose to do....and not be BUMS


 @ladylm84  Strange I work 40 hours a week, go to school part time, and pay for everything myself without a dime of Government assistance. It's also very ironic that your talking about making sense of things when you can't even spell SENSE right.  SENCE?! So continue to believe all of their lies , and just know that Obama has your back weather you realize it or not. He may not be perfect buy clearly i'm not and your not either. Rush Limbaugh claimed Romney would win in a landslide and clearly that did not happen this man is full of deception and lies. Think for yourself please don't listen to this man anymore. I promise he's not looking out for your best interest. 

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