Palm Beach Officer in Discrimination Lawsuit Was Swimsuit Model

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Officer Artemis Saridakis

Town of Palm Beach police officer Artemis Saridakis has filed a gender-discrimination and harassment lawsuit.

Turns out the 27-year-old Saridakis models swimsuits and other sexy outfits, reports Gossip Extra.

As it is with these kinds of things, Saridakis claims in her suit that her supervisor, Capt. Scott Duquette, said she slept her way through the department, called her a "hoochie," and allegedly also said Saridakis is "a whore who shakes her ass in nightclubs."

Saridakis is one among five other cops who have filed EEOC complaints for sexual and racial discrimination and harassment. She's the only female among them.

All five are represented by Stuart trial lawyer Willie Gary and may sue the town.

According to Gossip Extra, one of the other officers involved in the lawsuit, P.O. Jason Vega, was apparently demoted from sergeant when his bosses discovered he was running a dating service called from his desk while on-duty.

For her part, Saridakis once posted her modeling pics on Model Mayhem, a website where amateur models advertise themselves.

sardis 2.jpg

Some of her photos were taken on local beaches, including an apartment complex in Juno Beach.

Neither the attorney nor Saridakis have commented on the lawsuit.

You can see more of her modeling photos here.

Because we know how much you care about local litigation matters. You're such a concerned citizen! 

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What does being a swimsuit model have to do with being harassed and discriminated against by your employer? Those things are unrelated. I don't care how "hot" or "sexy" a person is, it doesn't make it ok to call them names and accuse them of things that have nothing to do with work. That is still unprofessional. This info is irrelevant to the case - you just wanted to show pictures of Artemis in her swimsuit.


This is why it's so important to do research about potential employers on workplace watchdog sites like eBossWatch.


I would love to get a ticket from her..Why cant all cops look that hot?

Oh yeah, then the other cops start getting all touchy feely.


@byChrisJoseph As soon as I saw "swimsuit model", I clicked on that... I should probably have more discretion, no?

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