Naked Marijuana Grower Attacks Police Car in Delray Beach

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Raymond Schamis (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)

Delray Beach Police were called when a man was seen running around his neighborhood, and throwing random things out of his house into his outside plants.

Among the things the man threw at the outside plants: a ladder, a CO2 tank, and some credit cards.

Also, the outside plants were marijuana.

Also, the man attacked the responding officers.

Also, the man did all this naked.

According to police, 41-year-old Raymond Schamis, had at least four marijuana plants growing right outside the front door of his home in the 2500 block of Albatross Road.

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When the cops arrived to the scene to see what all the commotion was about, they were startled to see a naked guy coming at them. Schamis allegedly tried to break the patrol car's windows. 

(Though we're not sure how, if he was naked. With his dick? Heyoooooh)


Detectives say they found 19 pounds of pot in Schamis' house stored in plastic bags in different rooms. They also found $5,300 stored in a safe.

But the biggest indictment -- aside from attacking a cop car bare ass nekid -- was the marijuana plants, which were being grown in "clear view."

Schamis was booked in the Palm Beach County jail in lieu of $60,000 bond. He stands charged with manufacturing marijuana.

Also, attacking a police officer whilst naked. We imagine.

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Mr. Schamis is a 2014 qualified candidate for the United States House of Representatives Florida District 22.As a citizen and registered voter of Florida District 22, I did some research into this arrest.There seems to be a very remarkable story here, and the writer of this article missed it big time.

Let’s start at the end.  All charges were dismissed without prosecution.  Mr. Schamis’ money was returned by court order.  As for the fact in the article that he was held on bail, that’s just wrong.  The judge released Mr. Schamis on his own recognizance.

Those are the facts of the arrest.  Now here’s the story.

The incident in question actually happened on September 13, 2012 according to Delray Beach Police Reports. No police officer or any individuals were ever “attacked”.  Mr. Schamis did “pound” on the police car window to slow down the officer’s vehicle in order to protect his dog that was loose.  After the police car came to a full stop, Mr. Schamis followed police instructions. He was put in an ambulance and transported to Delray Medical Center handcuffed to the gurney without police escort. Mr. Schamis’ dog was taken into custody. Mr. Schamis was formally Baker Acted by the Delray Beach Police while at Delray Medical Center. 

It gets better.

Mr. Schamis was transported from Delray Beach Medical Center to Fair Oaks Mental Facility at 11:45 p.m. on September 13, 2012.  Delray Beach Police reports show Mr. Schamis eloped from Fair Oaks Hospital at 4:28 a.m. on September 14, 2012 (Delray Beach Event Report ID:2012-0071184).

 That’s correct, Mr. Schamis busted out of a mental hospital.  

Although Mr. Schamis was under the protection of the Baker Act, Delray Beach tasered Mr. Schamis with a “5 second cycle drive stun to his lower back” while on his knees with his hands over his head.  He was then transported back to Fair Oaks by Delray Beach Police Officer Oscar Leon in physical restraints (handcuffs and leg shackles) with the front seat fully back so he could not move.  Delray Beach Police at no time informed the hospital that it used a taser gun on Mr. Schamis.  Delray Beach Police reports indicate the Delray Beach Police Department diagnosed Mr. Schamis with “excited delirium”.  Delray Beach Police chose to pass on the mandatory legal paperwork readmitting Mr. Schamis.  Upon return to Fair Oaks Mr. Schamis was deemed “homicidal”, put in a padded room, held down by multiple Fair Oaks employees, and forcefully drugged to the point of incoherence by orders of Dr. Praturi Sharma.

 A few hours later Dr. Yanitza Rodriguez  gave Mr. Schamis his mandatory Baker Act physical. Dr. Rodriguez was never informed that Mr. Schamis eloped or that the police used a taser gun upon him.  (According to the internet, a person who has excited delirium has an elevated heart rate and use of a taser gun can trigger an instant heart attack). Dr. Rodriguez performed Mr. Schamis’ mandatory physical while he was “on his back” and never attended to or saw the taser gun impact site, but did report fresh lacerations on his knees.  The psychiatrist who released Mr. Schamis after the 72 mandatory Baker Act holding time, Dr. Charles A. Raele, never documented any elopement or incident with the police and stated “likely arrest for marijuana possession with the intent to distribute to say the least”.

According to the Delray Beach Lawsuit (2012CA020492xxxxMb) filed to keep Mr. Schamis’ money found in the safe , “In plain view, officers observed what they recognized to be four live marijuana plants.  The marijuana pants were within soil filled pots and situated on top of an American Flag“. 

According to the Baker Act, Mr. Schamis should have been arrested upon being released from Fair Oaks if he was to be charged with a felony.  Instead, Mr. Schamis was arrested 77 days later as reported in this article.  Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

As far as Mr. Schamis running for congress, I think I understand. This man had his freedom taken away in his own country. He has motivation.


Someone needs to hook this dude up with (drinking 2 liters of vodka a day these days) Lindsay Lohen.


@byChrisJoseph bush league, we had a guy in Pasco county smack a 7-11 clerk, run on a golf course and wreck a van all in the nude


@byChrisJoseph Florida: We Do Crime, Naked


@byChrisJoseph this area is right up there with Palm Bay on weird news stories, to be sure

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