Michael Venditto, Boca Raton Cheerleading Coach, Arrested on Sexual Battery Charges

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Michael Venditto (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)

Michael Venditto, a Boca Raton cheerleading coach, was arrested Wednesday on charges of sexual battery and unlawful sexual activity involving two teenage girls, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Venditto, 27, is charged with unlawful sexual activity with one of his 17-year-old cheerleaders, and also allegedly committed lewd or lascivious battery on another teen.

According to the arrest report, the first alleged incident happened after practice in Lake Park when Venditto was coaching cheerleading for the Palm Beach Lightning all-star travel team.

A real class act this shitheal. Allegedly.

The cheerleader, who is now 18, told investigators that Venditto gave her a ride to and from practice in March of 2011 in his Jeep.

On the way home from practice, Vendildo stopped at a local KFC parking lot, because he's classy. That's when he jumped into the backseat of his Jeep and asked her to join him, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

The girl refused. But Venditto allegedly grabbed the girl and sexually battered her.

Shocking that a young girl would spurn the advances of a creepy old douche in a Jeep in the parking lot of a KFC, no?

The second teen told authorities that she had been touched inappropriately by Venditto, and that the two engaged in sexual activity over a dozen times between 2009 and 2011.

That girl is now 17, which means that all this started happening when she was just 14.

Detectives believe that there could be additional victims and urged anyone who may have been a victim to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 458-TIPS.

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Apparently this dumb shit never watched Chris Hanson...

Someone get him a cookie...


I am curious what kind of reputable media outlet actually uses the language I have seen in this and other articles (mistakenly clicked on via mobile device).  In this country it is "innocent until PROVEN guilty."  Many of these media outlets automatically start to condemn a person based on information that they believe to be fact.  Statements like "because he's classy" and "A real class act this shitheal.Allegedly." indicate that the writer has already convicted this man in his head.  I know people close to the person in this article and I can assure you that the details are not exactly as they are portrayed.  Also,apparently spell check is not high on the list of items when posting something publicly from someone who wants to be a proper source of information.  The word is "shit head."

Edit:  Your forum site sucks at formatting. 

Edit #3:  Holy shit does your site suck.  I don't know who you had build it but it must have been in a room of retarded monkeys holding crayons and banging on keyboards from a commodore 64


Chris Joseph, do you have an editor? "On the way home from practice, Vendildo stopped at a local KFC parking lot, because he's classy." His last name is Venditto. Please correct the article accordingly.


@ryanjross I think that Vendildo was an attempt at humor.  A poor one, but an attempt nonetheless.

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