Marco Rubio Making Robocalls For Anti-Gay Group

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Marco Rubio hates The Gays.

He hates them so much, he voted against aLGBT-inclusive reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

He hates them so much, he doesn't even agree with Mittington Romney, who hates The Gays too, but at least supports a Federal Marriage Amendment (allegedly!)

And now, Rubio is apparently hating The Gays so much, he's participating in a robocall campaign for the National Organization for Marriage.

According to a press release by NOM, Charisma Boy will be joining Mike Hukabee and Focus on the Family co-founder James Dobson in the robocalls, asking people to protect the sanctity of marriage and keep them gays from marrying each other.

The robocalls are hitting swing states Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania as well as Maine, Maryland, Washington State. All these states will have marriage equality on the ballots on Tuesday. And NOM ain't down with people gaying up America with their all their gay and therefore want everyone to vote against them getting married.

Says NOM's president, Brian Brown:

"Even in these tough economic times, people know that the stability of the family is crucial and the need to preserve the institution of marriage has never been greater."

Then more words came out of Brown's facehole:

"These calls from leaders in public life will remind voters to go to the polls, to protect marriage, and to support public officials who will do the same."

"Hello. I'm a leader from public life. Sorry to bother you during dinner. Do you hate The Gays? Well I am calling to remind you that you need to do that. I am also calling to remind you to protect marriage, because two people of the same sex who love each other like you and your wife love each other whom you've never met should not be getting married and will make you get a divorce and probably turn little Bobby gay -- that is if they haven't gotten to him already! Press 1 if you would like to unsubscribe from these calls. Press 2 if you wish to report Gayness."

Brown also says he expects the group to reach 10 million voters and that the robocalls campaign is the "largest national mobilization of traditional marriage voters in history."

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NOM has a shitload of money at its disposal. And all of it is going to their efforts to destroy gay marriage.

They're also pretty damn shady.

Since 2009, they've been under investigation by the Maine Ethics Commission for money laundering in the election of '09.

Mitt Romney donated $10,000 to NOM in their fight to pass California's Prop 8 in 2008. The donation was undisclosed, and the California Fair Political Practices Commission has been investigating ever since.

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@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess There you go, ignorance prevails. :-( She will continue to live her oppression. Makes me sad.


@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio U fight ur friends & allies. #ClaimYourRights Rubio/Ryan/Romney hate u, NOT us.


@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio @savedade NO ONE is dictating how 2 live your life. CLAIM UR RIGHTS! #LATISM


@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio STOP WHINING! *MANY* trans Lati@s in Miami. CLAIM UR RIGHTS! Rubio hates u, not me.


@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio That's NOT reality. ¡DALE! Rubio hates you. ¿Y que? CLAIM YOUR RIGHTS!


@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio @savedade LOL!!! Don't let anger cloud your reason. You're angry? CLAIM YOUR RIGHTS!


@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio Tragic, but NO EXCUSE! SHAME on RUBIO!


@metalmujer @estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio "gay activists" is too broad. MANY(!!!) LGBTQ rights groups r PRO trans! @SAVEDade


@estrellita_1103 @ergeekgoddess @marcorubio It does ME when it has a direct impact on your rights & the freedom to live your life. #LATISM

dantevida topcommenter

as a 2nd generation immigrant, pants-on-fire marco is on shakey ground denying basic human rights to a large population of real Americans

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Everyone knows there are no gay Cubans. Right?


Just sad.  I have yet to hear why gay marriage is so bad.

I may be straight, but I do not see what is wrong with my gay friends finding happiness with one another. 

You know what they say though, those who protest loudest usually have the most to hide.  Just saying...

winsomelosesome topcommenter


 Agreed.  These ammendents move the focus off what is really, jobs, jobs.  Plus a waste of time and "roboocalls."  Those who feel one way  or the otherr are not about to be swayed at this point in the election.  Plus, those who are into this issue are surely going to vote so, why spend the energy or money?


 @winsomelosesome Actually, I've sent three politicians to jail. 

Which lead to a front page cover story on the Miami Herald and Roll Call.

And there's another three in trouble.

So guess what. I am tired of you.  This is the very last time I shall ever reply.

Best of luck racist.

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