Republicans and Their Love Children (I Can Has Contraceptive?)

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strom thurmond.jpg
Strom Thurmand and his love child

Strom Thurmond

Turns out Strom Thurmond, the strict segregationist from South Carolina, who thankfully is dead, was full of shit the entire time! While he was trying to keep blacks and whites separated, he actually had a biracial love child by his family's teenaged maid aaaaaallll the way back in 1925.

Thurmond was then only 22. Thumbs up for hypocrisy!!

Go easy on me. IUDs weren't around yet.

Thomas Jefferson

While Jefferson wasn't technically a Republican, the GOP definitely claims him as one of its own because he didn't like big government. One more comparison: He had many, many love children by one of his slaves, Sally Hemings, who, strangely, was also the half-sister of his wife.

Now that's a reality TV show.

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