Macy's Being Urged to Dump Donald Trump

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Apparently people are just now noticing that Donald Trump is a racist birther dipshit and have petitioned Macy's to drop him, his clothing line, his fragrance, and him altogether from those annoying commercials in which famous people are getting ready for the holidays.

An online petition from asking Macy's to fire (Haha. See what we did there?) Trump already has up to 500,000 signatures. The petition says the reason for dumping Trump is because he "does not reflect the magic of Macy's" and that it's "time to act."

But mainly, it's because he's a racist birther dipshit:

"Trump engages in especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior. Perpetuat[ing] the racially charged birther conspiracy, repeatedly arguing that President Obama has been lying and was not born in the United States."

He also tried to incite a national revolution via his Twitter feed, which he promptly deleted, probably because he realized that it's the rich people living in towers who are first to hit the guillotine during any revolution.

Of course, Trump questioned the legitimacy of the petition. Because things aren't real until they are verified through documents to Trump's liking.

"I question the legitimacy and accuracy of the website and the number of signatures claimed to have joined this petition," Trump said through his spokesman, Michael Cohen. "Trump Organization values its long-standing relationship with Macy's and looks forward to many more years of continued success."

Elsewhere, others are also expressing their hope that Macy's gives Trump the boot. Most notably, Cher, who took to her twitter:

cher tweet 1.jpg
char tweet 2.jpg

On his own Twitter, Trump immediately went after Cher for calling him a RACIST CRETIN making fun of his hair:

trump tweets cher.jpg

Meanwhile, in the latest Macy's holiday commercial, Trump walks up to Santa and says, "What's with the get-up, Kris?"

"I'm Santa Claus," Santa answers.

"Let me see for myself," Trump says, and proceeds to pull on Santa's real beard.

"Ouch!" Santa yelps.

"If I can win you over," Santa says to Trump at the end of the ad, "there's still hope."

Haha! Get it? Because of the Obama birth certificate thing! Also, because of blatant racism!

Ah, the Magic of Macy's!

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frankd4 topcommenter

otherwise theDONALD is so full of hot air maybe he qualifies to be a float in the macy's thanksgiving day parade - yes if only his hair would stay on !

frankd4 topcommenter

he wants people to be distracted away from learning that NYyankee star derek jeter took a big hit after losing millions on the recent sale of his apartment in TRUMP TOWER fifth avenue centerpiece of theDonalds real estate promotions


seems even star power cannot prop-up or inflate theDonalds claim to his properties being so superior by outperforming the real estate market - the real loss jeter took was NOT being able to sell his place for more than he bought it for ten years ago, even with the yankee patina attached, and jeter sold it for a multi-million dollar loss


NOT the jeter can't afford the loss BUT many many other non-TRUMP properties have out-performed those results, so it is telling that theDonalds fifth avenue centerpiece attraction property is a dud


that's why theDonald is making so much noise otherwise

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