Gay Cop Sues Former Sheriff Al Lamberti and the BSO

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Back in June, BSO Deputy Anthony Vincent claimed he had been harassed by Broward Sheriff's cops because of his sexual orientation.

On February 15, Vincent, who was riding his motor scooter, was pulled over in Southwest Ranches.

In his claim, Vincent says that the deputies ticketed him for speeding, even though he wasn't. The cops also apparently captured the moment on tape, without his consent, which is illegal. The speeding ticket was eventually tossed in April.

In June, an internal investigation kicked off regarding the recording but, before the investigation concluded, Vincent released it to the media. That's when he was suspended with pay. Upon his return from work, he was then suspended five days without pay.

The suit names former Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti, BSO Commander Wallace Haywood, and Deputies Roberto Aspuru and Jose Saud as defendants.

Vincent claims that the cops targeted him because of his sexual orientation. Lamberti has denied the accusation.

In the recording, Vincent is on the phone, telling the other person that he feared for his life. The cops apparently react to this with laughter.

Officer Haywood is heard saying, "We're going to give this fucker a ticket."

Later in the recording, Vincent is heard saying that he's confused because his scooter doesn't go as fast as the deputies claim.

The ticket says Vincent was driving 56 mph in a 25-mph zone. According to Vincent, his scooter's top speed is 48 mph.

Vincent has filed his suit in federal court, claiming violations of his civil rights.

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Did crooked Al Lamberti think he would be retiring with a gold watch? He will be retiring with a boot in his ass. He screwed over the people of Broward County long enough and his departure time is long overdue. He is a racist, a gay-basher and his impudence with respect to obeying the law is obsequious. Lamberti masterminded the raid on the Copa (and you old Auntie's know it) Lamberti's needed complement of AA's are all working the jail. Nobody in the Command Staff. This is full blown racism. Time to wake up Al. You made a deal with the devil years ago. You will be going from the PSB to a prison cell.


I've known Tony Vincent all of my life. Yes, the reporter erred as to my job title with BSO; I am a Community Service Aide and have been since 1999. Since "Curiousss" seems to know me so well it would be nice of you to post your real name. Demeanor, arrogance, rudeness, ethics, etc.? That's just lies after lies. Boy I don't know what you've heard about me or what you think you know about me, but that is the farthest thing from an accurate description of me.


Whatever your reasons to spew such venom about my personality is your problem and since it's not the least bit accurate, it doesn't bother me a wit.


As the author of this article wrote "The rest will be played out in court." Have a Blessed day and may Karma visit you soon and often.


Old story, and inaccurate. Just one example: "Anthony Vincent" is not a cop, not a deputy. He is a civilian employee. A problem employee at that. His sexual identity is not the issue, it's his personality (demeanor, arrogance, rudeness, ethics, etc). 

Sorry Chris, but actual journalists shoot for accuracy using the old  "who, what, where, when, and why." 

chrisjoseph13 writer

 @Curiousss The story is not old. It's on-going. As for Vincent's "demeanor," that's not what we're writing about here. The post is simply pointing out his suit and how it came about. The rest will be played out in court.


Thanks for your input. 

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