Gary Laufenberg, Cooper City Mayoral Candidate, Drops Out of Race

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Gary Laufenberg

Looks like Cooper City mayoral candidate Gary Ross can start planning that victory party early. His opponent, Gary Laufenberg, tearfully announced he is dropping out of the race.

The reason: Laufenberg is basically taking the bullet for campaign aide and family friend Ryan Shrouder after he was caught stealing a Ross campaign sign from a restaurant on a surveillance camera. Shrouder reportedly stuffed the sign in a nearby garbage can.

Smooth move, ace.

Shrouder isn't a stranger to being a snot-nosed menace to society. In 2006, he was criminally charged with putting together a grade-tampering plot as -- wait for it -- the acting president of the senior class at Cooper City High School.

So now Laufenberg's campaign is in the tank, and it's basically because Shrouder douched him out of the race.

"I'm doing this for Ryan," Laufenberg told Bob Norman. "He's like my son, and they are going to ruin him. He's in law school... It's just not worth it to me. I'm out. I'm done. I can't deal with it."

Shrouder is studying to be a lawyer? PERFECT.

Laufenberg confirmed that a deal was struck that would keep Shrouder out of the can, if Laufenberg quit the race.

For his part, Ross claims there was no deal. He says Laufenberg's people asked him to convince the owner of Vita Italian Restaurant, Eric Gilreath, not to press charges. In return, Laufenberg would drop out.

"I told them that I wanted him to stay in the race," said Ross. "I'd have beaten him fair and square."

On his way out, Laufenberg had some parting shots for Ross and his peeps:

"They're evil, they're mean, they are ugly, and I can't deal with this. They were going to prosecute him and take him down. I resigned this morning, and they waived prosecution. You can figure this out. It's disgusting."

Way to get caught, Shrouder. Now we'll never know if stealing a campaign sign from a random restaurant in a strip mall would shift the balance of the election and give the candidate a landslide victory. Be smarter about it next time!

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Nice tar and feather campaign. The reality is that Laufenberg likely would have won the election and we would have eventually learned more about the trumped up resume that this Mr. Ross touts. Dumbest criminal huh? Hate to say it, but one of the sharpest kids I have ever met. Everyone makes mistakes. And from what I know, he didn't change his grades - he wouldn't need to. They made him the poster child for the new law when he erred in high school, but from what I know, it was to benefit others and not change his grades - wrong, but altruism justifies much worse wrongs in this world and I feel we can discount this charge for young dumb and trying to help others. 

Now to this case: Had a couple of drinks and while leaving the establishment, walked by a restaurant being cleaned and the door was open. Grabbed the advertisement of the guy that they are running against and threw it in the trash. Illegal yes, but is this occupied burglary??? Seems to be a trumped up charge. Does an action like this deserve an article like this? Only in the yellow journalism days. The tone of the article is excessive considering what actually occurred; seems like maybe the author of the article has a grudge or there is animosity. Seems way overblown for what transpired, but hand to a guy like Ross for taking advantage of the situation.... Just like he puts Cornell on his resume for what seems to be a seminar course that anyone can pay for. Struck while the iron was hot in self-preservation and luckily Laufenberg was a man about things and stuck up for his friend. 

But you get paid to tar and feather.... so keep on doing it. But lawyers get paid to represent others... better hope he is never representing your opponent - because this kid may be one of the better legal minds in Fort Lauderdale and a willing and serious adversary as Mr. Ross will likely attest - though not in public. Keep doing what you are doing


Someone needs to reach out to World's Dumbest Criminals...  We need Danny Bonaducci on this caper.

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