Fort Lauderdale Beach Erosion Destroys Sidewalk, Causing Traffic Problems

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High tide waves have eroded the beach, knocked down a wall and some palm trees, and wrecked a portion of the sidewalk north of Sunrise Boulevard on A1A.

On Friday, the Florida Department of Transportation declared an emergency after chunks of the street collapsed and washed into the ocean. Concrete barriers were put in place on Saturday and seem to be working for now. But more water -- including a high tide on Wednesday -- is expected to cause more headaches along NW 16th Court and A1A.

Sand is also expected to be brought in from other areas.

Most of the damage was due to Hurricane Sandy, but the National Weather Service says a low-pressure system moving east was causing the northerly swells, according to NBC6.

"Our concern is the traffic signal," said Fort Lauderdale spokesman Matt Little. "The piling is exposed. I don't know how deep it goes, but we've already lost palm trees, the seawall, and the sidewalk."

Due to high-tide flooding on Friday, northbound traffic on A1A was closed off between Sunrise Boulevard and NE 20th Street. One southbound lane of A1A remained open, causing traffic headaches as five-foot swells washed over onto the street.

But the real headache might come should local businesses, shops, and hotels be affected by the flooding. The area has become a place for people to gather and shoot photos.

State inspectors say it is still unclear when the closed lanes will be reopened to traffic.

For now, two southbound lanes of A1A are being used to accommodate both northbound and southbound traffic.

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frankd4 topcommenter

i was there yesterday at sunset and i don't see an EASY fix since the ocean is encroaching forcefully even as conditions are calm swallowing up large pieces of concrete sidewalk and temporary retaining walls


its nature, don't try to fight nature.  The original settlers built on stilts, and further from the ocean... because sometimes the ocean rises higher than normal..  -we didn't learn that lesson 

but the last thing we need is Government trying to fight nature.  -replace the sand?  how foolish is that.  


Sad but this is the way of the future.  Really upsetting because my house is paid off.  A couple of weeks ago while I was working down in South Beach, there were areas there that were flooded every morning.

But relax, cause the right wingers say all that is happening, isnt.


Welcome to Global Warming.

Pull up a beach chair (say in W. Davie) and get ready to enjoy your beachside view.


@smdrpepper Oh, its happening.  but I doubt we can do anything about it... except plan for it.   -things like moving away from the ocean.

The  Flooding in NY/NJ was not the 1st time... but the 1st time for many living today. 

the High pressure that forced it to hook west was not normal.  -but it this because of global warming?  or just a once in a life time occurrence.   Time will tell.

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