Florida and Presidential Election Results Live Blog, UPDATED: Obama Re-Elected

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Well. It's here.

The 2012 Election is, finally, coming to a slow and merciful end.

Time to close the polls, tally the votes, and hope that Florida didn't screw things up too badly.

Keep it here as we update the winners, and losers, and tell you who's President, who won the Senate race, who won what district and which party threatens a lawsuit first.

We got a long night ahead of us, folks.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the crazy!

Updates and results throughout the night after the jump:

(Hit REFRESH a bunch of times to get the latest)

11:14 p.m. (Our last update of the evening): OBAMA HAS WON OHIO.


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10:53: Amendment 6: Abortion Funds Prohibits public funds for abortions

No wins 57.3% to 44.8%

This is fantastic news. 

The Protect Florida Taxpayers and Parental Rights Group tried to frame the amendment around the "parental consent issue" that is listed in the measure. But had the amendment passed, women's rights to reproductive privacy would have been messed with in a major way.

The GOPers in the Florida Legislature put this nonsense on the ballot, and it was roundly rejected by Floridians. Had the amendment passed, we could have seen abortion restrictions, like mandatory ultrasound laws, gestational bans on abortion, and mandatory waiting periods before abortions. This could also have been a gateway to overturning Roe vs. Wade.


10:47 [LAMBERTI'D]: With 98% reporting, Scott Israel has a 53%-47% lead over Al Lamberti. 

Israel is claiming victory, but Lamberti is refusing to concede.

10:38 [President] 49.9% Obama - 49.3% Romney. 89% reporting.




10:24 [22ND]: Shitter ads be damned, Lois Frankel (D) has won the 22nd District over Adam Hasner (R) 54.9% - 45.1%

Adam Hasner spent a lot of money on ads about Lois Frankel taking expensive shits. He lost anyway. 

10:21 [LAMBERTI'D]: With 93% of precincts reporting in Broward, Scott Israel has a 54% to 46% lead over Al Lamberti.

This is turning out to be one of the major upsets of the evening. Still a tight race, but Lamberti needs 4th quarter comeback.

10:00 [THE 18TH DISTRICT, Y'ALL]: 92% reporting, and Allen West is holding onto a 50% to 49% lead over Patrick Murphy. 



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9:50 [President]: The lead in Florida has changed roughy 8,976 times. As of right.this.second. things are knotted up at 46.6% a piece. 

Reports coming from various sources that there are still long lines at polls in Miami-Dade... so it's going to be a late night and it's going to go down to the wire.

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9:28 [LAMBERTI'D] With 57% Broward precincts reporting: Scott Israel is up 55.22% to 44.7% against Al Lamberti.

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9:20 [State Supreme Court Justices]: Looks like Justices R, Fred Lewis, Barbara J. Pariente, and Peggy A. Quince will all retain their office. SUCK IT, GOPers! 

9:12 [Amendments]: 

-With 50% reporting, AMENDMENT 1 (No Mandatory Health Coverage: Prevents penalties for not purchasing health care coverage in order to comply with federal health care reforms)

51.3% NO

48.7% YES

- With 50% reporting, Amendment 2 (Veteran Tax Relief: Allows for property tax discounts for disabled veterans)

61.1% YES

39.6% NO

8:40 [THE 18TH DISTRICT, Y'ALL]: Patrick Murphy leading Allen West 51.8% to 48.2% (25% reporting). 



8:34 [President]: HOLY CRAP FLORIDA IS TIGHT. Obama leads Florida by 1% (as expected, Obama is blowing Romney away in Broward 61.8% to 37.7% -- 32% reporting).

The state being this tight this early might bode well for the President. If he can hold on and win Floriderp -- which would be BANANAS -- the election is over.

But, it's crazy tight and there are a lot of votes left to be counted....


Mostly because she ran uncontested.

Perhaps because people were too afraid to go up against the Lady With the Hats.

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8:13 [The 20th]: We're going to go ahead and give it to Alcee Hastings. Hastings 91.5% - Terry 8.5%

8:08: The AP, and NBC also giving Florida to Bell Bill Nelson.

7:58 [SENATE]: ABC News has declared Sen. Bill Nelson the winner over Rep. Connie Mack.

We have 8% reporting, giving Nelson a 56.0%-41.6% lead over Cornelius.

7:44: [The 20th]: Alcee Hastings 91.1% - Randall Terry 8.9% (1% reporting)

7:43: [EIGHTEENTH DISTRICT, Y'ALL]: Patrick Murphy has an early lead over Allen West 56.2% to 43.8% Can we just stop counting there now? That would be terrific.

7:30 [President]: With 1% reporting, Obama is leading Romney in Florida 50.2% to 49.1%

7:26 [Senate]: With 1% of the precincts Bill Nelson 53.4% - Connie Mack 44.4% '

Remember when Connie Mack punched that baseball player? That was funny. 

7:15 p.m.: Polls have closed, but those still in line are still being allowed to vote. Like we said, we got a ways to go...

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Adam Matza
Adam Matza

227 of 251 precincts and Murphy is less than one percent up on West.

Adam Matza
Adam Matza

You are behind. 179 of 251 precincts in and it is 51-49 for Murphy.


I hate to take credit, but I believe my Congressional Ethics Complaint filed against Connie Mack turned the race.

Kindly send the beer, hookers, and pedicures to my California addy.


And it looks like the criminal West needs to start packing to get to his job at FAUX..

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