Bill Clinton at Tampa Bay Rally Friday Night: Long-Winded and Unintelligible

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What's that Bill? You're a little bit tired?
Former President Bill Clinton said a lot of things during his his hour-long speech in Tampa last night before a crazed crowd of 1,000 supporters at a campaign rally here Friday night.

It would be nice to know what most of it was. We're not sure whether it was the mic system, or his apparent exhaustion, or that Clinton had just emerged from a long, strange bender and had tales to tell -- but whatever it was, we couldn't understand much of his back country mumbling. Confused looks passed among the audience member and reporters compared notes while Bill barreled through it, apparently unaware that few people knew what he was saying.

The bits and pieces we gleaned from the diatribe, fresh out of our our notes:

"He's trying to figure out global warming; he's not ignoring it like the other party. ...



"Taking care of every man."



But did it really matter?

Bill understands it's the visceral impact and delivery of a speech that's important -- not the talking points. And he needed to pack all the heat he could into Friday night: In the day's latest polls, Romney's got a slight lead over Barack. (Translation: Go vote!)

This on the heels of earlier polls that showed Obama was slightly ahead. In the last week, Florida has become quite possibly the most contested race in the nation, with both of the campaigns packing in as much money and face time as they can into the state before the election.

But all of this does seem to make Bill a little tired. He did at one point refer to New York as his "home town." Still, let's go a little easy on Bill. This was his fourth of five campaign stops Friday -- Tallahassee was next. This campaigning stuff is hard.


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Here's the backstory on Clinton flubbing it up.  They have Hillary under lock and key until this election is over while they're trying to do the massive cover-up of Benghazi murders so American patriots don't find out until after they cast their vote.  They told Clinton he  had to stump for them, or else if Obama loses, he's going to blame it on Bill.  Pretty reliable sources say Clinton is going to vote for Mitt Romney  And that he did an Al Gore on Obama and just did what he was told to do, but flubbed it badly in protest.. I was wondering where they have Hillary hiding. 


Whatever happens in this election, it will go worse for Obama for his treasonous actions if stands down on this until 11/7.  People are getting the story of him watching real time while those Seals were murdered, Ambassador to, then send help becauses it would have ruined his political platform if folks found out al Qaeda is bigger than ever, Libya isn't our friend.   It was all for his political self gain and if it hadn't been for Facebook or Fox News, they would have gotten away with that phony music story.  There have to be so stupid.



 You really didn't have me convinced until your final sentence. Way to finish strong.

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