Allen West's Motion to Impound Ballots Denied

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The Allen West schadenfreude continues on the Pulp today! 

Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge David Crow has denied U.S. Rep. Allen West's motion to impound ballots and voting machines from his loss to Patrick Murphy in the District 18 congressional race.

Crow ruled that West's motion was "premature" because official results haven't even been posted yet (NEWS FLASH: YA LOST, WEST).

Basically, the judge told West and his lawyers that the court is not a place to set election procedures, because that's what elections are for.

Meanwhile, they're still counting the votes in the elections office, and Murphy still leads by 2,159 votes. And it doesn't look like West will be catching up, no matter how many times votes are counted.

Because of math, you see.

West's lawyers have argued that the recount is necessary because West was leading Murphy on Tuesday night, and then he wasn't.

Again, math might be the culprit here!

One of West's attorneys told the Palm Beach Post that "we're very happy" because a lawyer for the Palm Beach County elections office gave assurances that the process will be transparent.

Murphy's attorney, Gerald Richman, called the whole fiasco "a political stunt."

So does this mean West is done complaining and wasting the court's time?

Probably. Nothing on the horizon says that the count will change and that Murphy's lead will dissipate.

Sorry, Colonel West:

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You people can't see the real problem here, a midnight recount

of early votes that swung the race by 4000 votes against West?



This dude was the biggest arse I have ever seen. He just loved, loved, loved the camera in his face. He loved saying ignorant things to his ignorant followers, that were picked up by the MSM. To bad asshat. It's over. Go through your withdrawls and then crawl back under the slimely rock that you came from. This. Is. The. Best. News. Ever. Really.


If the Pulp is the pulse of your community, Sandy hit the wrong part of the East Coast. Your methodical insanity in attacking Allen West is symptomatic of the statist fever that has infected the Colonies. Being six years behind the European model and quickly catching up is not anything to be proud of. If self reliance, a small government model, common sense and a belief in conservatism is to be viciously attacked through your demonization of Col West: let me refer to Monday Night Football and turn out the lights, the party's over. You people need to get out of your mothers basement and get a job. Youi cannot expect to become a CEO with a GED, but when a hard working stiff making 45K a year, working 60 hours a week, with a long commute, expected overtime along with shaky job security in this fragile economy, after he pays his taxes, he makes less take home pay than the typical Obama voter collecting sixteen forms of Government handouts. I think it just may be time to tell that working stiff that he has been made a fool of and should just join the ranks of the handout nation. The only thing that makes him reject that suggestion is that he has something that is sorely lacking in the handout nation, pride. About the only sanity left in America comes directly from the Immigrants, mostly from the European types who worked their way here legally, through the formal system, shedding their blood, sweat and tears with a yearning for Freedom and a shot at the ring, knowing that America is the real shining star. Now even the unnamed and unnamable brown short foreign speaking mostly catholic people who have magically appeared out of nowhere, from nowhere and not at all to be called undocumented or anything that actually reflects their actual situation, you know, those people, they at least know for a fact that they have arrived in a place that is so different from whence they came that it might even be called "special" or "exceptional". At least until they are taught to get into line, put out their hands, expect them to be filled with paper money that depreciates by the minute, then bitterly complain when the gravy train runs out from the "man', you know that rich man, the one man who has been actually producing something from which the benevolent and always fair government can fairly redistribute, using just one or two or maybe just three bureaucratic rules and regulations that are as fair as fair can be, I am sure of that, just enough rules so that the rich money hungry filthy business owners can't exploit the working class peps. I have just one question for you to ponder as you bask in your election liquid afterglow. How come when that syphalitic felon of a rat faced fink Bush stole the election in 2000, the government was the problem but now when your alfred e neuman moron is renewed for another fourteen hundred days, the government is or seems to be the solution? Why is that, huh, why is that, huh, just why is that, you turds??


Out with the old, in with the new... Go home Allen with some dignity, you're acting as if it is your God given right to be re-elected. Ya gotta agree with democracy, you don't have to love it. Just go home. Oh BTW, you have 30 days to pack your office on Capitol Hill and get out. It is getting really awkward  for us to keep kicking you out of your job. 



Maybe the criminal West needs to be tied down and have it shot past his head to get that he lost?


First the military, now the congress. . .  maybe if you acted like a decent human being, you wouldn't keep getting booted, Mr. West.


See you later West!  Make sure you take all your shit home from your D.C. office!  No pension for you!!!!!


@checksix You lost. Time to put down the crack pipe. LOL

riverrat69 topcommenter


 Frightwing drivel. Get your four year supply of crying towels, you're going to need them. And to paraphrase "Asshole" Allen. Get the fuck out of the United States.

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