Allen West Getting His Very Own Lighted Holiday Sign on Saturday

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As you may have heard, Allen West lost his election battle with Patrick Murphy, as well as math.

But the fine folks at Stand Up Florida want to remind West not to lose his battle with common sense.

On Saturday, local constituents will be putting up a lighted message at Cultural Plaza in downtown Lake Worth telling West to extend the middle-class tax cuts during his lame-duck session.

The brightly lit three-foot by eight-foot sign will read, "WEST: DON'T BE A TAX CUT GRINCH."

Catchy! And festive!

"The sign hangs with the holiday theme," Stand Up's Communications Manager Gayle Faath tells New Times. "But as long as West still has some power, we feel that he needs to do his job."

The middle-class tax-cut extension, which equates to $2,200 per family, is the holiday assurance people need that they can make ends meet in the new year, Stand Up says.

Of course, West will probably respond to the sign by either calling Stand Up communists or regurgitating facts about some obscure American battle that has zero relevance to any of this whatsoever.

Because that's how nuttery rolls!

But that's not stopping Stand Up from delivering its message.

The group will hand out petitions for people to sign at the event to get signatures for a call for extending the middle-class tax cuts, letting tax cuts for the wealthy expire, and preserving vital services.

West was defeated by Murphy in a hotly contested battle for the 18th District. But Colonel Commie Hunter refused to concede right away, demanding a recount (even though the numbers were outside the legal limit for such a recount to occur) and insulting people along the way.

He eventually conceded after many failed attempts to prolong the inevitable. Also, because when a partial recount was done, Murphy's lead increased even more.

Foiled by math! Grrr!

Stand Up hopes that the sign will get people's attention and get them to sign those petitions.

"The plan is to move onto other holiday events in the coming weeks," Faath says. "Once we have the signatures, we will deliver them to him."

The sign goes up at 6 p.m. at Cultural Plaza, 414 Lake Ave., Lake Worth.

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The only "holiday" celebrated by most in the US with lights, signs, and, decorations is Christmas. Liberals fear using that word.  The left continues to wage their War On Christmas unabated.


@josephlcooke You and your FAUX "news" are completely and utterly off base with this idiocy.  IF there were a war on christmas, then we would not be bothered with it in August.  Its the longest running holiday that keeps starting earlier and earlier.  So what if some people want to say happy holidays, there ARE other holidays in that time frame.  Your just all upset because there are some of us who dont want anything to do with your brand of mythology so you take that as your being persecuted.

Get over yourself already!  There never has and never will be any war on christmas.  All you are doing is spreading one of the most idiotic conspiracy theories that has ever been birthed and its sad that you or anyone has fallen for it.

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