Allen West and His Lawyer's Request for a Full Recount Will Be Heard Friday

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Because this thing is never, ever going to end, a hearing has been scheduled for Friday to hear Allen West's request for a full recount of roughly 37,379 St. Lucie County ballots.

The county did a partial recount last weekend that made the race a bit tighter, but still not enough to trigger a full recount. The state requires a 0.5 percent margin or less for a recount, which is not the case between West and his opponent Patrick Murphy -- before and after the St. Lucie partial recount.

And since West isn't happy about the results, the answer is to obviously keep counting ballots forever until he wins.

"Turnout percentages will show over 100% due to a two page ballot," Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker said in a statement. "The tabulation system (GEMS) provides voter turnout as equal to the total cards cast in the election divided by the number of registered voters. Also note that some voters chose not to return by mail the second card containing the amendments."

Walker said the partial recount was done because some votes were counted twice after an electronic memory cartridge failure in some machines.

This is fairly common in Florida (of course!), but it's nothing that a recount of those specific ballots can't fix.

West claims the partial recount of early votes St. Lucie County did last weekend was "improper." His campaign manager, meanwhile, claims the election was downright stolen from them.

"What originally looked like dangerous incompetence," said West's campaign manager, "is looking more and more like a willful attempt to steal an election."

Because there's no way people decided to not vote for the crazy person who goes around calling everyone a Commie.

On Wednesday, the state sent David Drury from the Florida Division of Elections to observe the elections process in St. Lucie County.

Meanwhile, Murphy has been in Washington, D.C., attending freshman orientation on Capitol Hill. West's camp was none too pleased about that and would prefer Murphy not be such a go-getter and stop acting like he won, even though the votes say he did after Election Day results and a recount of absentee votes.

For his part, West has been making the media rounds pleading his case. And by "media rounds," we mean, Fox News channel (because they ain't socialists like the rest of the lamestream media!)

West's lawyers will argue that a recount should still be done due to the irregularities at certain precincts. Walker and her staff did a partial recount to take care of those irregularities. And yet, West was still the loser.

Should the court order a full recount and Murphy is still declared the winner, we expect West to request a Super for Real This Time Recount, which we just made up. But West is welcome to try our idea if he wants.

The hearing is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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The author of this 'piece' set a new low for what we used to refer to as journalism. What a joke. Let's see here, Murphy lost 667 votes during the recount and West only lost 132. Do you not realize how irregular that is???? I mean Come On!! If this patriot is successful and gets a full recount, I predict he will win if the outrageous lack of parity in the loss if votes continues as it did in this partial recount. My gosh, Murphy lost SIX TIMES as many votes in the recount that West did. It doesn't take a 3rd grade hillbilly from Arkansas to figure out that West is being screwed like a tied up goat when Murphy had SIX TIMES as many bogus votes that West did in just a partial recount. You Libtards are so blinded by your ideology that you can't see facts when they look you straight in the face? Amazing how much liberalism erodes the brain.


What was your attitude when Al Gore asked for recount after recount against Bush in Florida?  Do you remember the Democrats filing challange on top of challenge in court that lasted weeks for the Presidency?  Do you remember trying to glean the intent of the voter by interpreting hanging and dimpled chads?  Do you remember that ultimately it had to go to the US Supreme Court to end?  I'm guessing that you weren't calliing for Gore to end his rediculous challanges and to accept his fate!!!! 


Small correction needed to this article.  Last Sundays re-tabulation did not net gains for West.  He LOST 132 votes and Murphy LOST 667.  This put the two candidate a bit closer together but Murphy still leads.  The ballots have all been certified.


 @Boomhoward  Your wingnut post was inevitable.  West loses a close election.  The results are certified.  West's judicial appeals fail.  In spite of everything, he gets a gratuity--a partial recount that nonetheless isn't dispositive.  West still loses. 

    And yet Boomhoward accuses "libtards"--oh how clever this man is!--of being so "blinded" that we can't "see facts."  Hey.  We can see facts.  The ballots have been counted and your lunatic lost.  Of course you can't accept that, which makes the loss all the more delicious from the perspective of your moral and intellectual superiors (virtually everyone, judging from the wild-eyed tone of your post). 


Liberalism erodes the brain?  Well, we're not making crazy claims on behalf of a guy who makes Joe McCarthy look positively moderate and reasonable.  We don't refer to West as "a patriot."  And we don't believe, in spite of the election results, that West won the election.  Yes, we know, those commie Democrats are behind it.  Don't get us wrong.  We love to hear you whine.  We love hearing how superior you are, even though you write like a paranoid, arithmetic-deprived schoolboy, and reason like--who else--the disgraceful Allen West.  And you say liberalism erodes the brain?  There's more irony here than you will ever grasp.  


 @Boomhoward Ever notice that 667 is just one greater than 666?

Holy crap... That's it!  Eureka! 

Patrick Murphy is Satan.

And it would follow, Satan is a liberal commie loving, health care wantin', latte swillin', east coast liberal pinhead.


@ChazStevensGenius Thank you for those facts.


@KennyPowersII @pateriot Ummm.... WRONG. He is defending the Constitution. He will win.

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