Allen West Accuses Florida Democrats of "Nefarious Actions"

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Commie Hunter, master conspiracy theorist, and Romance novelist Allen West went on Fox & Friends this morning and accused the Florida Democrats of "nefarious actions" when it comes to all this "asking for an extra day to vote in early voting" fiasco.

"[I] think you're starting to see some nefarious actions already coming from the other side, because there's been an incredible turnout from Republicans voters on the early voting down here in Florida."

Trying to extend early voting so that everyone can get a chance to be counted and to eliminate having people wait for nine hours in line in the sun is AN OUTRAGEOUS ACT OF NEFARIOUSNESS!

The Florida Democratic Party sued to extend early voting after long lines have either kept people waiting for hours to vote or discouraged them from voting at all. Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who cut early voting down by a week and then refused to extend it to one whole day, refused to budge from his lair to extend early voting, as Charlie Crist did four years ago.

But Charlie Crist is no stranger to nefarious actions himself, because he's a secret Democrat who sabotaged John McCain's chances in Florida in 2008.

But West knows nothing of these long lines and voter suppression stuff. That's all just Democratic nefariousness in action. Also, Socialism! 

When asked about the long waits to vote, West said that he, his wife, and eldest daughter cast their ballots last week.

"It took us about an hour and a half, two hours last week. So I think that you have the options of absentee ballots, the early voting and also going out on Election Day, and I think you're starting to see some shenanigans already taking place," he said.

Pfft. You have your absentee ballots, which aren't a problem at all. You got your nine-hour wait early voting lines. And you got Election Day, which is never a madhouse ever. NO EXCUSES.

West then went off on the latest GOPer Dipshitter Talking point and told Fox & Friends that Romney is going to win Florida because Floridians know what's up with that Benghazi supersecret worse-than-Watergate cover-up.

"[T]hey don't feel that we have a commander-in-chief that's going to protect our men and women in uniform, and Florida has a lot of veterans that are going to be voting."

Romney is going to win Florida because all the veterans don't think Obama can protect them, even though he ended the war and is killing off terrorists like it's a videogame and has done more for veterans in his first four years than Dubya did in his entire eight. 

But BENGHAZI NEFARIOUSNESS!!! So, you know, Vote Romney!

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winsomelosesome topcommenter

To hell with Allen West.  Who cares.  You do, however,  make a mistake when you trivialize the importance of Benghazi.  There is something amiss about that whole affair.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Can we get a collective giggle whenever West utters nonsense such as this?

SethPlatt topcommenter

Allen West's idea of democracy is raising as much money as possible outside your district and then suppressing the vote of as many in that district as possible. But he is happy to kill anyone in the name of spreading Democracy in other Countries.


I love how the criminal West refers to those fighting against voter suppression as "nefarious".  Where was he when the republicans and Voldamort started to suppress anyone who might possibly vote for "GASP" democrats?

Oh yeah, I forget, Mr Warcrimes think they are all communists..

Hes going to be REALLY upset when he loses.


The only 'nefarious actions' are what he describes in that creepy letter!

Michael Aaron Hoffman
Michael Aaron Hoffman

big words from Allen - must make him feel special but makes him sound even dumber...


@NewTimesBroward what like demanding to fuck your wife in her asshole

Elise Yany-Fleishman
Elise Yany-Fleishman

Why is it Liberals are so inept they can't seem to vote just like everyone else. The reason they limit the time to vote is because of corruption. Honestly its frightening to think people that are voting cant seem to figure out how to in time, should they really vote???


 @winsomelosesome I think what we have here is a troll from the Romney campaign.  Win is only out to inflate and blame in an effort to muddy the water.  Too bad its not working.  Where were you when all the other places were attacked when Bush jr was in office?  A LOT more lives were snuffed out then, yet you are silent.  Now that a small attack happens, suddenly your screaming conspiracy from the rooftops, just like your right wing handlers want you to.

riverrat69 topcommenter


 Actually, no. West is dead serious. There is nothing funny about that. To paraphrase him.    Allen, you need to get the fuck out of the United States.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Oh stop with all the bullshit about trolling and "right wwing handlers"  It's just so much garbage. It's so lame and does nothing to further any discussion.


I guess it's a "small attack."  Nothing to see here...move along.   The problem is the obfuscation coming from the Administration.  If you can't see that.  Then blinders (not binders) are involved.  And stop with all the "Where were you" crap.  Who cares where I was or what I was doing.  I am here now.  This is happening NOW.  Let's deal with it NOW..

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Typical dirt bag reply.  Disgusting.  No wonder there is no discourse.  You are the least example of "big people" (I presume you mean grown-ups) I can think of.  Insulting is your stock and trade.  Where were you etc.  Well, where were YOU.  I suppose you were right here affecting nothing.


 @winsomelosesome So in other words, you cannot answer.  Its okay, I know you tea baggers cant handle things like "facts" and "truth".

Now go play with your feces while the big people talk.

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