Yup, the Sun-Sentinel Endorsed Mitt Romney

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The Sun-Sentinel has come out and decided to endorse the candidate who thinks Syria is Iran's route to the sea.

That's right. The paper that is owned by JP Morgan Chase and some hedge funds, thinks that child molesters are a riot and is run by a dude who declared bankruptcy has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

The Sentinel has traditionally gone Democratic in the past -- and endorsed Obama in 2008.

But this time around, it's telling its mostly liberal readers in Broward County to go with the Mittbot.

While the Miami Herald [update: Herald went with Obama] and Palm Beach Post have yet to come out with an endorsement, the Sun-Sentinel is sending shockwaves across the internet because ZOMG a liberal-leaning paper that previously endorsed Obama is now going with Mitt let's not even bother having an election now!!!!11!

The crux of the Sentinel's endorsement: The President has done good things but his talking points bug us, man. Also, he keeps talking about taxing the rich. What's up with that??

So, they list their reasons for going with RoboRomney:

We believe Romney's past performance is a predictor of his future behavior.

Like when he tied his dog to the roof of his car, for instance. Also, like when he pissed on half of America and called them freeloaders. But, hey, TALKING POINTZZ.

"He's proven himself to be a successful businessman."

Bain Capitol and its 22% companies that filed for bankruptcy under its leadership. Also, all them jobs to China fuck yea!

"He rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal and mismanagement."

Using mostly government money.

"He worked with a Democrat-dominated legislature as governor of Massachusetts to close a $3 billion budget deficit -- without borrowing and raising taxes."

And also left a very unpopular Governor, is currently losing to Obama in the polls in Massachusetts, and didn't have a Republican-run congress whose sole purpose in life was to veto every single piece of legislation he brought up -- no matter how important or morally sound -- just so that they can get him out of office.

"Certainly we have problems with Romney."


"At various times, and depending on whom he is speaking to, he has tried to appeal to social conservatives and immigration extremists."

He's a flip-flopping liar. And tries to appeal to basically whomever will vote for him. But Obama keeps talking about taxing the rich, so hey, we goin with Romney.

"His foray overseas this summer was hardly a roaring success, but during the most recent debate, he showed himself to be considered a leader capable of keeping our ship of state on a steady course."

He sucks ass when it comes to foreign policy, is an opportunistic liar, thinks most Americans are freeloaders, has no real sound budget plan, takes one stance one day, a different stance another, and is the leader of a party that degrades women, thinks that Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim Socialist, and thinks that Jesus Christ should run America. BUT HE TOTALLY DID SUPER GOOD IN ONE DEBATE, SO LET'S VOTE ROMNEY.

Well done, Sun-Sentinel. But what else should we have expected from the newspaper that put up a paywall?



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er... congress is not run by republicans...


This is one the stupidest articles I have read from NewTimes. I do not know this Chris Joseph professionally but do know based on this limited experience that he writes like a 3rd grader. I sincerely hope this is not his chosen profession but instead a brief stint into the world of journalism enabled by some family member who works for this establishment who thought giving him a summer job would broaden his obviously narrow and short sighted views of the world. Just pathetic... a total embarrassment. Shame on NewTimes for letting this moron near a computer. 


So New Times is obviously biased towards liberal democrats and Obama...at least now I know


I just wanna know one thing.


What exactly can all of you people commenting here tell me about what Romney is going to do if he's elected.


List some of his actual plans, no baseless talking points please.


"Well done, Sun-Sentinel. But what else should we have expected from the newspaper that put up a paywall"? - I don't know about that, but what do you expect from a free paper that is used as a bum's blanket or directory for escorts and pill mills?

SethPlatt topcommenter

Sun Sentinel gave one of the worst political analyses I have ever seen. New Times restaurant reviews are more in depth than that drivel.

James Stewart
James Stewart

bye bye.. sentinel.. save some of that romney money.. when broward, endorse's the miami herald

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Someone give Chris a brown paper bag to breath into...Really...Hyperventilating can kill


It just hurts my  brain.  They REALLY want a corporate raider in office?  Do they realize he would come in and take their business to India or someplace else?

Republicans just hurt my head.


You conveniently left out the main gist of the endorsement. President Obama has failed to fix the economy and has not shown how a second term would be any different. 

riverrat69 topcommenter


 Of course you don't like him. He's not writing for  the Faux News Ministry of Disinformation, The Washington "Moonie" Times, or WorldNut Daily.com.


Seems like I'll be waiting just like the Republicans are waiting to find out what Romney's plan actually is.

chrisjoseph13 writer

 @winsomelosesome Yup. Totally panicking here. Might as well stay home and not vote now. What ever shall I do. Oh noes. We is dooooomed.    

KennyPowersII topcommenter

 @Kevin.C  In a second term, Obama would be able to tell Congress and the obstructionists to fuck off and get more done than he already has, which is quite substantial given the political environment he has had to serpentine his way through.


 @Kevin.C So thats why the stock market is back in record territory, that the unemployment rate keeps dropping despite republican blockage (yes we all know President Obama had a filibuster proof Congress for 24 days), and things are in MUCH better shape than when he took over.


 @smdrpepper You bet the unemployment rate is dropping. The problem is that much of that drop reflects those who are no longer trying to find work.  


 @smdrpepper  @Kevin.C

 Not sure where you get your information, but the unemployment is on par with where it was 4 years ago.  Wow...What an accomplishment ..for the first time the numbers are equal to where they were before Obama took office and not worse.  Let's see where the numbers are after the holiday season is over and the artificial boost to employment levels has gone by the wayside.  Remember, unemployment was at 7.8% in JANUARY of 2008--Traditionally the worst month for these figures.  However, UNDERemployment is at a record 16.5%  Our GDP is at an anemic 1.3% and people on food stamps is at 47 million up from 32 million in 2008.  This is a hate-filled article written by someone who, on top of choosing not to deal with facts, also has poor command of the English language.  A lesson  in ignorance on multiple levels.


winsomelosesome topcommenter

Anyone who refers to the market's performance as proof of an administration's economic success is mining fools gold.

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