Website Calls for Marlene Ross to Be Fired After Nude Photos Scandal

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Last week, per the Palm Beach Post, we told you about Boynton Beach Commissioner Marlene Ross running into some trouble after it was revealed that she sent her lover (who apparently happens to be her first cousin) nude photos of herself through Facebook.

As a result of the scandal, Mayor Woodrow Hay called for Ross to step down.

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Now, an anonymous website is calling for the same.

"Wake up, Boynton Beach!" the banner header reads. "It's time to toss Marlene Ross."


The website lists several alleged misdeeds and bad things Ross has done in her time as city commissioner.

"This is NOT about racy photos or an incestuous relationship," the web page reads. "This is about the rule of law, and a years long history of the city's other commissioners ignoring their own charter, and their own responsibly to do the right thing, and expel Ms. Ross."
Among the other allegations the site brings up:
"Ross violated Florida's homestead law by taking a huge tax break on property she owns outside the city."
"Ross violated Florida election law by making false claims against her opponent in 2011."
The allegations are strong and includes links to news stories connected to each. Although the web page gets preachy at the end, which kind of deflates its credibility in the "This is not about racy photos but the rule of law!" department.
"Most recently, Ross violated common sense and nature's law by engaging in an inappropriate incestuous relationship with her first cousin, who also happens to be a convicted felon and a cocaine dealer."

Although the page goes out of its way to judge her private life -- as shady as it might be -- it does also note that Ross should be fired for admitting to prosecutors that she felt pressured by lobbyist and former Commissioner David Katz, even though she signed an affidavit saying that he hadn't lobbied her.

"Ms. Ross also admitted that she signed a false statement saying that Mr. Katz had not lobbied her." For this, ROSS SHOULD BE FIRED!

The page also has a list of commissioners one can contact to demand Ross' firing, including Ross herself.

I want you to fire yourself!

The page's author goes by JohnQPublic1963. Weirdly and randomly, a photo of actor Bill Fagerbakke accompanies the name.

So it's unclear who is running the website, other than the person is probably 49 years old, is supposedly from Missouri, does consulting work, and is purportedly a huge fan of the TV sitcom Coach. Oh, and that he or she really, really hates Marlene Ross.

Whoever this person is, we dig his/her passion, and his/her constant use of ALL CAPS for emphasis.

Ross has been a commissioner for five years and remains steadfast in staying at her post despite the mayor's call for her stepping down, and now this web page's.

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@ Luis Garcia.....get over it.  Defending a disgusting pervert is no different than defending a pedophiler.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Has she, or has she not been good for the City of Boynton Beach?  I don't know but that shoud be the Only question that should matter.


Strictly addressing the "incest" issue and the photos... neither of those is anyone else's business. It's legal for them for marry in about half of US states. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage (and racy photos) with ANY consenting adults. Don't like it? Don't do it.

Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia

I TRIED SEVERAL TIMES TO POST TO THIS BLOG (and I succesfully did but this person erased my comments in a few minutes so I'll post here: Sir: it is ABSOLUTELY amazing that a concerned "citizen" In Preble Heights, Missouri is concerned w...ith the politics in a South Florida City? Oddly, enough ,your Gmail profile says you are a "consultant"..Hmmm,you also don't have the courage to list your true name or a real picture of you...Could the truth be that you are the paid puppet of somebody who hates Miss Ross for his own political gain and is willing to deny her the dignity of privacy??? HHmmm,if so, that makes you FAR MORE DISGUSTING (and the personl bankrolling your vicious attack equally disgusting ) than anything you allege she has done..UNLIKE YOU SIR, I AM NOT a coward. My name is Luis Garcia. I am a retired City Firefighter and a resident of the City of Boynton Beach. You can easily find me on Facebook... I am NEITHER A Friend nor a relative or Miss Ross. I do know her to be a LADY who entered public service with the purest of intentions and with a desire to serve the public. Your unsubstantiated lies (some of which have NEVER been reported in public) are pretty disgusting during National Domestic Violence Awarness Month and exemplify the sexism, double standard, paternalism, misogyny and objectification of women which are prevalent in our society. Why don't you blog about he FAR more serious acts committed by other MALE PUBLIC officials in the City of Boynton Beach-also recently in the news...OR, is the reality that you just want to sling mud and invade her privacy to get your paycheck?..POINT by Point,lets look at your spurrious charges: 1-Homestead charge investigated and resolved 2-what false charges in 2011 did she make 3-her private residence was NEVER mentioned in public reports (how do you know 4-Her private life is a PERSONAL MATTER..


I can see huge marketing potential...


T'shirts emblazoned with the phrase "I'm a Ross Tosser."

A new Arby's menu item called the "Ross Tossed Salad."

Rename that shady area over on US1, you know the one I'm talking about, to "Tosserville."



 regardless of the incest and immoral behavior and regardless of her lying to the prosecutors and regarless of her falsely accusing someone of something that never happened......yeah sure she must be good for Boynton or any city for that matter.  Why care about what someone does in their personal life, right? By the way, in my private life I like to I guess this is okay with you right?????? 




 But lying to the prosecutors and falsely accusing someone of something that never happened......that is not okay for an elected offical and THEREFORE....she must go.. 

winsomelosesome topcommenter

I believe I said was she good for Boynton Beach.  I meant as an elected official.  If what you say is true about lying to prosecutors etc. then, no, she hasn't been.  If, on the other hand, what you accuse is not true, we have another matter on our hands, don't we? 


As far as the incest, etc.  Don't bring that crap into a discussion without substantial proof.  Scurrilous charges like that are serious and should not be leveled lightly.

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