Voters Who Park Near the Tamarac Branch Library Are Getting Towed

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As if early voting wasn't a butt-hurting experience already.

Broward voters who have hit up the Tamarac Branch Library to do some early voting have seen their cars towed away from a strip mall across the street after after being forced to park there due to a full library parking lot.

The Casa Linda Plaza strip mall on NW 57th Street ain't care that people showed up to exercise their civic duty. They need that lot vacant for the people who come to get a pedicure.

The cost of towing: $124.

The towing company, All County Towing, says the strip-mall property owner called it after asking elections staff to help them remove the cars.

Ben Kuncman, who owns the restaurant First Watch, says he tried to alert voters at least three times that the tow company was coming to jack their cars. Kuncman, who uses a wheelchair, says people just laughed him off. He also claims some voters were blaming him for their getting towed (even though he tried to warn them). One guy went so far as to blame Kuncman for ruining his son's Halloween.

Seriously, guy?

Laughing at a guy in a wheelchair and blaming him for wrecking Halloween? Maybe those voters deserve to get their cars towed. Douchemove, voters!

Kuncman also claims to have gotten a death threat. Nice.

About ten businesses operate out of the strip mall.

County elections officials are urging voters to park at the library. Those who find the library parking lot full will have to find another public place to park several blocks away. Or they can take their chances and leave their vehicle at the strip mall.

If they get towed, they can always blame Kuncman, the ruiner of children's dreams.

Having your car towed for 124 bucks has to be the saddest, most inadvertent voter suppression ever.

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frankd4 topcommenter

well well well if it isn't ALL COUNTY TOWING is how it works 1)set up by having PAID spotters watch the lot 2) swoop in to immediately tow cars away BUT someone at the strip mall has to give ALL COUNTY TOWING permission and have a contract AND that's where it gets interesting (see APPLEBEEs at the SAWGRASS MILLs MALL on last years fiasco during the FRIDAY after thanksgiving prompting the City of Sunrise to enact new ordinances against ALL COUNTY TOWING doing that again (BTW Applebees refunded 100% of the charges and fees to anyone towed that night since a low level manager was ALL COUNTY TOWINGs "authorized" contact AND the perception, right or wrong, was that low level manager was paid off to set up those 200 cars getting towed within a few hours while the restaurant was closed, which is why Applebees corporate parent reimbursed those towed))


who gave ALL COUNTY TOWING the business remains to be seen but someone is likely making money off the misery of unsuspecting parking violators, many of whom are most likely elderly and actually customers of those same strip mall shops thinking their financial support of those shops allow them the favor of parking for a short period BUT maybe the landlord needs the extra revenue from the kick-back from the towing so business is business


until of course ALL COUNTY TOWING drivers ransack the wrong car, like i saw them do to a stretch limo downtown ft lauderdale, right out in the open and the light of day, and next thing i see a dozen of their most "productive" parking spots roped off to the public, or more likely, the City of Sunrise allerts Tamarac to those ordinances required to avoid these set-ups


and of course be prepared for those certain ALL COUNTY TOWING fan clubs to post how despicable and low life someone is to park their vehicles on another's property in such a flagrant violation of the law - but i have yet to see one bring up the ransacking incident i myself witnessed personally (as must have dozens others who simply can look down from their hundreds of not thousands of windows facing that staging lot BUT it was so brazened that who knew a crime was in progress? (possibly even in sight of a broward sheriffs deputy patrol car)) in the light of day and explain that as part of the punishment that should be endured by those vicious and monsterous parking violators


just don't forget to bring EXACT change for the $124 towing charge !

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