Scott Israel (Campaigning?) Calls for Investigation of Decade-Old BSO Hogtieing Death

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The motto of the Broward Sheriff's Office could be "if it's uncomfortable, don't talk about it." The death of an inmate by suicide, with plenty of warning signs, in a Broward jail? Silence. The federal investigation into Lt. David Benjamin, who ferried Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein to his getaway jet? Silence.

The South Florida Times' coverage of an an unsettling hogtieing death in 2001, long before Lamberti took office? Silence.

Enter Democratic sheriff candidate Scott Israel, who is using the last weeks of the campaign to associate the current sheriff with unsavory stuff. With 26 days until the election, Israel took to a podium in front of the African-American Research Library on Friday to call for an investigation into the 11-year-old hogtieing case. 

On October 15, 2001, Oral Brown, a black businessman, was involved in a traffic accident that caused his vehicle to flip over and land upside-down in the Swap Shop parking lot. He was reportedly having a seizure at the time. Cops claimed he was resisting arrest and tied him facedown to a stretcher, with his arms tied to his legs. The medical examiner later said this was the cause of his "accidental" death. Numerous witnesses said they were never questioned for the subsequent investigation or the grand jury.

And what, exactly, does this have to do with Lamberti?

Israel is seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti in the November election and he is the first candidate to publicly express concern over the controversial case. He criticized his opponent for having a "lack of respect and compassion for justice, or Brown's family." 

The Broward Sheriff's Office has not responded to questions about Israel's call for a special prosecutor and Lamberti has yet to comment on the case.

That last part is the key. While Jones was uncovering twists and turns and conflicts of interest, BSO said nothing. There's great power in the knowledge that if you refuse to engage in a discussion of something, it can be almost like that thing doesn't exist. That's the secret behind power in Broward County, actually. When was the last time you learned something about the life story of a guy killed by the police around here?

On the other hand, Lamberti had not a thing to do with the arrest itself and probably wasn't expecting Israel to latch onto this case as a way to criticize him. But at this point, it would do everybody good for him to say something.

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Why does BSO have so many open investigations?  I guess if you keep them open no one can review the results.  The Benjamin case is the biggest open wound of this administration.  Is there a time limit on how long the investigations can stay open?  An inmate death case still open?  Its amazing a sheriff is appointed as the interim after Jenne's arrest for two years does nothing.  Re-elected to fours years and has done nothing other than give a job to a convicted felon.  Come on man!


I’m glad Scott Israel stood up and spoke out for the re-investigation of the death of Oral Brown.  Al Lamberti should have re-opened the case when he first became Sheriff in 2007.  This tells me that the safety and protection of ALL of Broward’s citizens is not one of Lamberti’s concerns. I want to feel protected by the BSO but I don’t. I’m going to vote for Scott Israel. 




If Sheriff Lamberti had given a rat’s ass about the life of the man killed by BSO deputies, he would have opened the investigation .  And SO WHAT if Scott Israel is demanding they open the case as part of his campaign against Al Lamberti?  NOW is the time to bring up this case and Lamberti’s BSO’s complete disregard for a man’s life. How many years has Lamberti been Sheriff and NOT tried to find the truth about the death of Oral Brown?  It was his duty to clean house and rid the BSO of bad deputies.  But no, he didn’t do that.  Instead, Lamberti perpetuated the culture of thuggery among his deputies and surrounded himself with criminals. Al Lamberti must be voted OUT OF OFFICE!



Why is Lamberti afraid to comment? It looks to me like the Lamberti reign of corruption incorporated some of the players from the Jenne reign of corruption and it goes on and on. It's really quite unfair to the deputies out risking their lives everyday to have to tolerate when certain members of the brass make all the decisions (some of which are very wrong) and they have no say in the process. The PBA endorsement would be one of those. It's house cleaning time again at BSO starting at the top.


There is no statute of limitation on murder. The victim was asphixyated by the hog tie technique. The cops killed him and the dumb ass paramedics did nothing to intervene. Lamberti's failure to comment on the issue is indicative of his sparkling sheriff's career which includes being elected with Scott Rothstein's stolen Ponzi scheme money, being a lacky for Rothstein and providing him with police escort as fled from the FBI, being investigated by FDLE  for sneaking his kid into the Superbowl with another cop's credentials and most recently getting caught when it was discovered his campaign manager was a convicted felon with an 11 year prison record. Anybody who would vote for this guy must not be reading the newspaper.

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