Rick Scott Makes the Media Rounds at Lynn University Debate

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Mitt Romney is keeping his distance from Rick Scott, but Rick Scott isn't keeping his distance from Mitt Romney today, making the rounds outside the debate hall and stumping for Romney and the Republican ticket.

Here's a shot we got earlier, on the road leading to the hall:

Stefan Kamph
Then, suddenly, Rick's uber-nemesis drove by in a golf cart! 

Stefan Kamph
It was DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, textin' and ridin' in a sweet golf cart. She did not pause for fisticuffs with the governor or necessitate the state trooper standing next to him to pull his weapon.

It's understandable that Mitt wouldn't return Rick Scott's support...saying our country has gone down the crapper since Obama took office is a central part of the Romney's campaign, while Scott wants to say how great he's made Florida. Romney actually asked him to stop saying so much positive stuff about our state.

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Why are republicans keeping their distance from Gov Scott who said he would create 700k jobs?  Can someone tell me what the count is now?  Gov Scott will be up for re-election next year.  Numbers please.  Come on man! 

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