NYPD "Cannibal Cop" Vs. Florida Puppeteer Who Wanted to Eat Kids

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The Internet exploded with gruesome curiosity last week over news that Gilberto Valle, a New York police officer, was arrested for allegedly plotting to kidnap, cook and eat 100 women.

While not something we're proud to lay claim to, it must be noted that Florida is first when it comes to creeps vividly detailing their plans to kidnap and eat people. As reported on the Pulp this summer, cops arrested Tampa area puppeteer Robert Brown in July on charges of planning to kidnap, rape, murder and eat a child.

Are Valle and Brown really cannibalistic cretins intent on tasting flesh? Or could they be subscribers to a niche fetish built on violent sexual fantasies of devouring people? Let's break down the horrible, nightmare-inducing parallels between the two insatiable men.

Before going further, be warned that things are going to get weird. Stop reading now if you're queasy or perturbed by the notion of an old man cooking and eating a little boy's butt cheeks.

Chat Logs:

The cases against Valle and Brown are built on instant messaging logs. Both men seem to exhibit a weird sense of voyeuristic, first-timer glee when talking about how they'll actually snatch and cook their victims.

Here are some chat snippets from Brown, the Florida puppeteer. He used the handle "uelime" and was discussing a young boy who he knew from church. The other person chatting, "calf_keeper" and "sweettalkerlinda," was some guy in Kansas arrested on child porn charges.


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