Miami Marlins "Aggressively Seeking to Replace" Ozzie Guillen, According to Report

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The Miami Marlins are a damn mess.

They traded away a bunch of good players for a bunch of not-so-good players. They've had horrible attendance all year. They've lied about the stadium from the word GO.

And now, thanks to a terrible owner, a horrendous general manager, and a stripped down talentless ballclub, everything is totally going to be blamed on manager Ozzie Guillen.

According to ESPN's Buster Olney, the Marlins are "aggressively seeking to replace Ozzie."

A source close to the Marlins told the Palm Beach Post weeks ago that Ozzie's chances of getting fired were 70-30.

And now, according to other team sources, the feeling is his chances of coming back as the Marlins skipper in 2013 are 50-50 at best

Guillen walked into a time bomb waiting to happen (aside from his own Castro comments time bomb, but that has nothing to do with baseball). He inherited a shitty overrated Hanley Ramirez, who was crappy before Ozzie came to town. He inherited a ballclub with John Buck and his .192 batting average. He inherited the bloated human game blower-upper Heath Bell.

And this isn't the first time Loria sends a manager packing when the fault rests with him.

Loria ripped Joe Girardi in 2006.

Former Marlins manager, and current playoff bound Braves manager, Fredi Gonzalez said, "There's not a manager dead or alive that Jeffrey thinks is good enough. Not Connie Mack, not anyone."

Loria called Fredi's comments classless. And then continued to pocket the millions while the city was burdened with his arty-farty stadium and has become a sinkhole where shitty baseball players' careers come to die.

Meanwhile, Bobby Valentine was just canned by the Boston Red Sox. Once upon a time, Jeffrey Loria wanted Valentine to manage the Fish, until the whole thing got Loria'd, according to Valentine.

So the consensus from every manager that has ever worked with Loria seems to be that he's a real pleasant human being to be around, and not a smug, clueless, blame-shifting, unaccountable asshole at all.

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Jeffrey Loria found out in one year, what it took Jerry Reinsdorf 8 years to figure out.

New Times Broward Palm Beach
New Times Broward Palm Beach

Well said, dudes. The front office seems to be the problem here. Ozzie would be yet another scapegoat for Loria being a complete dolt of an owner. -CJ

EL Zegrí
EL Zegrí

I love Guillen's BASEBALL mentality. In other words, I like the aggressive approach with runners etc. The only manager I like more than him is Joe Maddon of Tampa Bay. I can't stand the sit on your ass and hit home run mentality of the steroid era. Moreover, the aggressive style is absolutely essential in Marlins Park. I liked Willie Randolph when he was with the Mets and thought he didn't have a good enough team to succeed. Keep Ozzie and get rid of Loria, Beinfest and Samson.

Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards

I don't think he's the best manager out there, but before the season started Curt Schilling said, "If you have a problem playing for Ozzie Guillen it's for 1 of 2 reasons 1) You suck 2) You don't want to be accountable" Same probably goes for the front office as for players.


Although I know it is irrational, I can't shake this fear that they are going to replace Ozzie with Bobby Valentine.

EL Zegrí
EL Zegrí

Terrible. I wish someone would replace Loria and Samson.

chrisjoseph13 writer

 @FatHand I actually have that same exact fear.


This is what we've devolved into as Marlins fans.

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