Man Arrested After He Gets Into A Fight Over Obama-Romney With Wife

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As you may have noticed, things are a wee sensitive these days when it comes to the election (no, really, check the comments on this here post and prepare your brain for all the crayzay)

And now the debates over who will be our leader for the next four years has spilled over into the streets and into our homes!

Peter Schwartz, 74, was arrested at his home on Hillcrest Drive in Hollywood around 8 p.m. Tuesday and charged with domestic battery for pushing his wife in the chest after the two argued about ObamaMitt.

According to the arrest report, the two got into a heated exchange and she ran away when Schwartz started yelling at her about "Obama and Romney."

Schwartz reportedly grabbed his wife by the arm and gave her an open-palmed slap across the face. He then pushed her and she fell. According to the arrest report, the woman had redness and swelling on the left side of her face.

She refused to fill out a complaint affidavit, but that didn't stop the cops from hauling Schwartz anyway, seeing that he hit and pushed his wife and all.

Schwartz was being held on $1,000 bond as of Wednesday. He sat before Judge John Hurley, who said, "You shouldn't talk about politics, sir, you really should not."

Hurley also ordered Schwartz to only have telephone contact with his wife, and to stay 500 feet away from her.

"I love this woman more than my own life," Schwartz told the Judge.

He then probably wanted to add, "But if she talks shit about Romney again Imma cut her!"

But he didn't.

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@jessirva This incident could have easily happened in your living room during the debate if someone had crossed you!


That bitch was looking for trouble and she got it. If Romney wins the elections this crazy old timer is gonna kill this poor and stupid Republican old whoe. Hahaha!!!



@mersersa very true story.


@JessiRVA @mersersa If @ChadBrownRVA had been there, it would have been like Romney was IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! 3-D DEBATE!

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