Kevin James Buys $18 Millon Mansion in Delray

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Kevin James house.jpg

Apparently starring in a mediocre formulaic sitcom and a dozen crappy movies in which you make funny faces and step on rakes that hit you in the face pays big, because actor Kevin James just plunked down 18 million bucks for a ginormously awesome beachfront mansion in Delray.

The house, which is under his manager's name, is a 12,868-square-foot fortress that includes eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and two acres of beachfront land. 

It has a garage that your house can fit it, a saltwater pool, a fireplace, a gym, a guest house, and a meditation room, presumably where James can think up his next zany comedy where he gets kicked in the balls by an ape and then makes a funny face because it hurts.

Check out the pics after the jump.

kevin james study.jpg

Kevin james pool.jpg
kevin james bedroom.jpg
kavin james gym.jpg
kavin james jac.jpg
kevin james den.jpg
kevin james kitchen.jpg
kavin james wine cellar.jpg
kavin james garage.jpg
kavin james billiards.jpg
kavin james living1.jpg
kavin james patio.jpg
kevin james 4.jpg
kavin james 5.jpg

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Gee Chris, I guess those "crappy" movies pay better than being a crappy writer, huh? 


@NewTimesBroward wish I could have been his Realtor! lol #miami #realestate


I wonder if he's going to take on boarders? 

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