John Kerry, John McCain, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Free Beer: Things We've Spotted at Lynn So Far

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debate pool party.jpg

As we noted earlier, we've invaded Lynn University for tonight's third and final presidential debate.

As get ready to live-blog tonight's nuttery for you, please enjoy the photos of things we've spotted so far, including a Budweiser taste testing booth for the media (woo-hoo!) and John Kerry looking slick (awwwwriiighht!!).

We also spotted Rick Scott making the media rounds.

Enjoy the pics after the jump and keep it here as we live-blog the proceedings...

john kerry lynn.jpg

John Kerry making an appearance. Remember when everyone said he won the first debate against George W.? That was fun!

megan kelly fox news.jpg
FOX News' Megan Kelly's news booth placed next to Obama's. Someone at Lynn is up to some shenanigans. Maybe they were hoping for a pundit/campaign staffer fight to bust out?

budweiser taste test.jpg
The Budweiser taste test booth in the media center. Because you can't pick who won the debate if you ain't thoroughly sloshed. 

debbie wasserman.jpg
Debbie Wasserman Schultz letting the press know what's what. Mainly that Mitt Romney is a lying two-face. Also, that Obama should win tonight's debate on foreign policy. But mostly, that Mitt Romney is a lying two-face.

mccain phone.jpg
John McCain on the phone! Yes, my friend. I'd like a large pie with pepperoni and extra anchovies. 

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OBAMA WON!!!  Romney was a pool of sweat and confusion. Love ya, New Times!

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