Hurricane Sandy: A What-to-Do Guide From SoFla to New York

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Hurricane Sandy was downgraded to something called a post-tropical cyclone, which we think probably means "like a hurricane, except not."

Either way, Sandy was a menace.

Her post-tropical cycloneness slammed into the North Atlantic, leaving water and wind devastation all over parts of New York and New Jersey. Millions are without power, and at least 16 have died in New Jersey because of the storm.

New York was rocked by Sandy, leaving much of it in darkness, and reports of fires destroying homes, hospitals losing generator power, and seawater surging over streets have been rampant. Seawater even spilled into the World Trade Center Ground Zero pit.

We in SoFla know a thing or two about hurricanes and hurricane survival, post-tropical cyclone or not. Here now is a quick dos and don'ts list on how to handle things, from some who have been there.

*Bill Clinton voice*

We feel your pain, New York/New Jersey.

Some of this stuff seems like common sense, but it's worth repeating. We in South Florida know all too well the posthurricane hangover that hits us immediately after a storm. The noises and darkness are behind us, but then we're reeling because outside it suddenly looks like Godzilla dry-humped our neighborhood streets. All. Night. Long.

Do Not Go Check Out the Flooded Streets in Your Neighborhood
This seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised. Even down here in SoFla, where these things happen all the time, there's still some goober who thinks it'll be clever to body-surf down Fifth Street or kayak to the nearest 7-Eleven. All kinds of shit (literally) is under that water: bacteria, dead animals, and, worse of all -- downed power lines. Don't be an asshole. Don't walk into a flooded area that has a downed power line and then die. Just stay inside and wait for the waters to recede.

Do Not Use a Generator Indoors
Again, a no-brainer. But many don't know that generators emit carbon monoxide. And carbon monoxide will make you really sleepy and then you'll lie down for a quick catnap and then you'll never, ever wake up. The same goes with a charcoal grill, in case you didn't know. Einstein.

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New Times Broward Palm Beach
New Times Broward Palm Beach

This post is in no way meant to be a joke or condescending... these are actual tips we thought would be helpful. Sorry if you misinterpreted it. -CJ

Limor Ben Ari Windt
Limor Ben Ari Windt

Condescending and inappropriate. Their streets, buildings and landscape is built differently, what happened there is devastating and your blog would be timely maybe pre-hurricane, as a prep joke. Not right now, while they are still counting the dead bodies.

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