South Florida Is the Least Affordable Large Metro Area in the U.S.

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Oh, hey, South Florida. Good news! We're number one in being the least affordable place to live in the 25 largest metro areas for moderate income households. Woo hoo! 

According to a new study from the Washington-based Center for Housing Policy and the Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology, South Florida households that make between $25,444 and $50,888 per year are spending almost three-fourths of their income just for a roof over their heads, and a car. 

Housing and transportation costs are so clusterfucked with local incomes, they swallow up a huge part of the household budget.

This is mainly due to South Florida incomes not keeping up with inflation. 

Bottom line: we're all earning a lot less than what we can afford. And we're not talking gold-plated yachts and buckets of caviar here. We're talking every day needs like a place to live and car to get to our jobs and schools.

Those who live in Broward and Palm Beach are coughing up an average of 40 percent of their income for their homes and an another 32 percent for getting around, according to the study.

"We are seeing the people who have used up their unemployment benefits," said Patrice Schroeder of 211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast, a social service hot line.

"We are seeing the people who have used up their unemployment benefits. People are scrambling."

In five years, Broward and Palm Beach counties have seen food stamp applications triple, according to the Florida Department of Children & Families.

Those who are doing slightly better than lower-income families -- something called the middle-class -- are finding it increasingly difficult to buy a home throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.

Center for Economic Research director, Jorge Salazar-Carrillo, says everybody needs to chill a little. It's really not that bad when you look at other places like, for instance, Washington D.C., where he used to live.

"I know there are problems here in South Florida," he says. "But it is worse in other areas." 

Yea, we're not as poor and indigent as you, D.C. Suck on that!

Salazar-Carillo also sites the awesome weather down here -- particularly in the winter time, when those who live up north have to turn on their heaters until March.

He also notes the food is also cheaper and people can take advantage of fresh produce grown locally. 

It's hot and we can all eat lettuce, so pipe down with the belly-aching!

So, relax, people. We may not look like the wastelands in the Road Warrior in five years, after all. Maybe more like Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. But that's it.

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icculus17 topcommenter

go Republicans! so basically no one has any savings, and when they get older, they're gonna need the federal assistance that Republicans hate, keep voting Republican Floridumb.


I'm not buying it. 

we pay little in heat, no income taxes, sales (state only) Tax, is around 6-7%, (low compared to NY/CA, MA, etc).


no winter clothes.  many other expenses you have to pay further north.


and housing.  anyone try to buy a house in Atlanta, NY/NJ, MA, CA... not sure how they managed to put us in the top 10 cities/areas


LA or SF  forgetaboutit.... 


Last time I went grocery shopping, I spent over $160 and only picked up the basics.  Ended up with only six bags from the local Publix.

Thanks Governor Voldamort!

New Times Broward Palm Beach
New Times Broward Palm Beach

All good points. But, the food being cheaper line was a quote from the Center for Economic Research director, not the article itself. - CJ

Lynne Dear
Lynne Dear

Food is NOT more affordable in So FL... This article needs to be re-written. Everything in So FL is expensive.. It's dying.. So many of us had to leave the state to find 1) a job 2) more economical living conditions. Go on... Take a poll.. I dare you! What does FL census say about the mass exodus from FL in order to survive and not become homeless???


 @smdrpepper  OK, now price shop that kart  in LA, or NYC, NJ or Mass...  and then you really feel pain.



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