Edward Crisante Was Declared "Suicidal," But Jailers Left Him Alone in Cell to Commit Suicide

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Edward Crisante Jr., a depressive 32-year-old, turned himself in at the Broward Main Jail on June 29, 2010, after failing to appear in court on traffic charges. He left the jail four days later on a stretcher, after hanging himself in his bunk with a bedsheet. He died in the hospital.

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Crisante's parents are suing Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti for "failing to prevent [Crisante's] suicide" by withholding proper care and supervision. A report summarizing BSO's investigation of the death, never before released to the public, seems to support some of their accusations. 

Read on for the full report. 

When he checked into the jail, Crisante told the EMT examining him that he had tried to kill himself a few days earlier, by overdosing on Roxicodone and Xanax. The EMT made a note calling him "Suicidal, place on suicide watch, urgent referral." According to the report, "Crisante was sent to the infirmary" a few miles away, "where he would have been placed on suicide watch. Due to the fact that there were no cells available, Crisante was sent back to the Main Jail."

Two nights later, Deputy Eugenia Williams-Cooper found him "banging on his cell door." He told her "that he couldn't stop shaking and that he felt like something was coming out of his skin." (Crisante had been addicted to painkillers in the past, and these may have been signs of withdrawal.) 

The next night, he was banging on the door again, asking Williams-Cooper if anyone had come to bail him out. In response to the noise he was making, "Williams-Cooper removed Crisante from Cell 13 and she placed him in Cell 15 by himself," the report says. "He never complained or talked about hurting himself or committing suicide."

Just before 7 a.m., Deputy Danny Polk made the rounds. He passed each of the eight cells on the top floor overlooking the day room, and then walked along the row of cells downstairs. When he reached the last one, Cell 15, he found Crisante alone, hanging from the top bunk.

BSO's investigation cleared the agency of any wrongdoing, and BSO declined further comment. The lawyer representing Crisante's was not available for comment last week.
Crisante Suicide IA Report

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I want to feel protected by the BSO but I don’t.   This case of Edward Crisante’s suicide was entirely preventable and should never have happened.  As Sheriff, Al Lamberti is responsible for the actions of his deputies.  What more do we need to know to vote him out of office?  




Here’s another tragic outcome of the BSO mis-handling of a person who needed help instead of their negligence.  Is it common practice of the BSO to shelve at-risk citizens out of their view instead of at least monitoring the person to prevent a tragedy such as this?  A few bad actors are tarnishing the reputation of the BSO.  Those Broward Sheriff deputies  need  new leadership to encourage them to actually care about the people who they are supposed to protect.  Broward needs a new Sheriff.



KennyPowersII topcommenter

"The next night, he was banging on the door again, asking Williams-Cooper if anyone had come to bail him out."




The parents who are suing BSO are the same parents that did not bail him out?


The agency is always cleared of any wrongdoing but AL Lamberti's policies and procedures surly contributed to the death of this young man.


The Broward Sheriff Office is a corrupt organization, led by Al Lamberti.


This cover up will never show the BSO acted recklessly, although everyone knows they did.  Hopefully the families lawsuit will revel more BSO cover-ups.


You could lambast Lamberti for policy here and perhaps some of that is in order but Lamberti (or his department) didn't kill the guy personally like they did with the hog-tying guy. It's the ham-handed COVER-UP on all these issues that is most disgraceful and it really is a dis-service to all of the rank and file officers who risk their lives daily and who have to share in a problem they had no part in committing. It is time for Lamberti to go bye-bye!


Did I get this right? BSO cleared BSO of any wrongdoing?

Fuck man, I'd like that perpetual get out of jail free card.

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