Edward Crisante Hung Himself in Jail; His Parents Are Suing Sheriff Lamberti

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Edward Crisante Jr. was, by his parents' account, struggling with depression at the age of 32 in July 2010. He was a Fort Lauderdale barber with multiple felony counts in his past, including many drug charges, but it was a traffic ticket that led him to his death.

After failing to appear in court for the ticket, he turned himself in at the jail on June 29, 2010. On July 3, he hung himself with a bedsheet in his cell. He was in a coma until July 13, when he died.

Now, his parents have filed a wrongful-death suit against Sheriff Al Lamberti the Broward Sheriff's Office, claiming that jail officials were negligent and indifferent to his condition.

The plaintiff in the suit is Crisante's estate, which is being handled by the law firm of attorney and Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler. Crisante's beneficiaries are his parents, who are seeking damages as well as money for the financial support they won't be getting from their son.

"Prior to July 3, 2010, Edward Crisante, Jr. told numerous Broward Sheriff's Office employees of his depressed state and his desire to end his life," states the lawsuit, filed this past summer. The suit goes on to say BSO "displayed a deliberate indifference to Edward Crisante, Jr.'s menta condition and the likely consequences of that condition." It alleges that BSO did prescribe medication to Crisante, but not the proper medication.

Crisante's death by hanging happened the same month that Kennith Kellum, an inmate facing drug-related warrants, also hung himself with his bedsheet.

BSO announced after Crisante's hanging that it had launched an internal investigation. In light of the lawsuit, we've inquire about any conclusions they may have reached, but BSO was unable to provide a response on Friday. BSO does not usually comment on ongoing lawsuits.

Reached by phone, Seiler said he was acting as the plaintiff in the suit in name only, standing in for the parents. We are reaching out to the separate law firm that filed the suit for comment.

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"Edward Crisante Hung Himself in Jail; His Parents Are Suing Sheriff Lamberti"


One thing fer shur he doesn't have a problem with depression any longer!  If his parents are suing Lambeeny because of  money for the financial support they won't be getting from their son where in the hell did they get the money to hire a lawyer?.


I didn't believe the sheriff could let 500 inmates free but I googled it and found the story:


It's no wonder the prisoners are killing themselves to "get out". It's as bad as Red China.

It all is happening because in order to preserve the inflated salaries for Lamberti and cronies and remain within budget cuts he had to close an important jail. Is there a chance Broward residents could get a sheriff that is not on the take?


So the guy hung himself over a traffic ticket? That will free up a cell for Al Lamberti when they figure out where the missing Ponzi scheme money went. We already know some of it went to get old Al elected and you might think that would be enough for him to resign but he doesn't think so. Wait till 500 inmates get released from Broward just because the mismanaged jails are over crowded.


The old adage "where there's smoke, there's fire" seems applicable here. Lamberti has had scandal after scandal and the circumstances around two similar suicides in the same month in his jail seems to have the plantiff's lawyers convinced of wrong-doing on Lamberti's part.



 Its not just smoke and fire its an atomic blast. The Ponzi scheme victims are coming after Al and the criminals that are going to be released are coming after us. Thanks Al.

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