Edward Archbold Dies After Eating Dozens of Roaches and Worms in Deerfield Reptile Shop

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If you're a queasy reader who's going to be turned off by a guy vomiting up a crap ton of bugs and then dying, turn away now.

Broward Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of Edward Archbold, a 32-year-old West Palm Beach resident who died after "he had consumed dozens of roaches and worms." 

This wasn't an episode of Fear Factor, and Andrew Zimmern wasn't around, to the best of our knowledge. 

Rather, Deerfield Beach-based Ben Siegel Reptile Store hosted some sort of roach-eating contest, because, you know, why not? The winner of the heinous competition would have taken home (wait for it... wait for it...) a python. 

Yup, eat a bunch of roaches and win a python. Stay classy, Deerfield. 

And apparently Archbold devoured an ungodly amount of bugs, won the contest, and then died.

According to the BSO, Archbold began to "regurgitate" the slimy yet crunchy feast soon after winning. He then collapsed in front of the store and was pronounced dead at Broward Health North. 

The cause of death hasn't been determined. 

We can't help but wonder what happened to the python.  

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I am shocked by the irresponsibility of Ben Siegel's Reptile Store. They should have known that if you make an offer to win a prize by doing something really disgusting and potentially dangerous, you're going to find a few insane people who will do it. It's not funny. This is not entertainment unless you are insane.

Ÿänn Hidalgō
Ÿänn Hidalgō

Cool story for halloween, I love how it's write... Fun


 @r_kutney they clearly DID know, as they made each and every "contestant" sign a full waiver from liability. Regardless, I seriously doubt they created the contest with the idea that crazy people would do in hopes that someone would get seriously ill, or in this case, kick it altogether.


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