Early Voting in Hollywood: Long Lines, an Obama-Loving Republican, and a Yacht Chef

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Early voting is all the rage this election season. More than 80,000 voters flocked to the booths this past weekend to pick the president. But this is Florida, where nothing ever goes as planned.

Complaints have already rolled in about long lines and wonky machines. To get a feel for what life as an early voter is like, New Times trolled the Hollywood Branch Library. The line stretched, but spirits were mostly high.

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Nathan, 32 years old, chef on a yacht

Are you voting early today?
I was going to, but I'm not waiting in this line.

Oh. Were you anticipating any type of wait?
I didn't expect this. How long are people waiting?

I've heard anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Did you vote early last year?
Yeah. I didn't have to wait.

Do you really think that if you leave now, you'll actually come back and vote another time? Like the lines will probably only get worse, right?
I'll have to wait eventually, I guess. But not today. I'll try to go earlier or go to the place near my house, where I assume the line won't be as long.

Are you on your lunch break or something?
No. I worked a little bit this morning, but that doesn't really count.

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