Charles Barkley Says LeBron James Can Be Better Than Michael Jordan

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Looks like Charles Barkley is done trolling the Heat, because now he thinks LeBron James can be better than Michael Jordan.

"First of awl... gimme a cheese bergar..."

After spending the past two seasons ripping LeBron and the Heat -- saying God is a Mavericks fan, cheering for Heat to lose and calling the them "a whiny bunch," and generally being a complete douche about the greatest team in the NBA -- Barkley now seems to be back on LeBron's bandwagon, comparing him to possibly the greatest NBA player of all time, and saying he could even be better than MJ.

Ohhhhhh well look who's suddenly come around! 

As part of NBA TV's "Open Court" series, which airs next Tuesday at 11 p.m., Barkley was candid in his comparisons of MJ and LBJ.

"I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said. "I thought I would never compare somebody to Michael Jordan. But this guy, LeBron James, he does everything well. Michael did everything well. LeBron James is just bigger, stronger, faster. That's the only difference."

The comments were made during a round table discussion with other NBA greats Shaquille O'Neal and Reggie Miller.

Like The Algonquin Round Table, only balder.

Says Shaq on LeBron: "Unfortunately for LeBron, now that the monkey is off his back, he is going to be compared to two people: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. So now the question is how many championships can he get? We all know he is a competitor."

Miller added that the sky is the limit for James, now that's gotten that first championship out of the way: "It's interesting what winning does, getting that championship and getting that monkey off his back. What's scary is what lies ahead for him. He's already won three MVPs. He's considered by all of us to be the best player on the planet right now. I think his best basketball is yet to come because of that one championship."

James won his first NBA title and third MVP award last season, joining Michael as the only two players to win the NBA title, regular-season MVP, NBA Finals MVP and Olympic gold medal in the same season.

Barkley has always said nice things about LeBron, but never of this magnitude. There was that one time where he said James would NEVER be Jordan.

"LeBron does not have Michael Jordan's killer instinct," he said.

Shit, according to Chuck, LeBron would never even be Kobe, for that matter.

Now that James has a ring, Charles is suddenly calling him the greatest evarrrrr!!1!!

Troll on, Sir Trolls-A-Lot. Troll. On.

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frankd4 topcommenter

as for sir charles; has he paid his bill at the casino yet ?  pay the bill B !

frankd4 topcommenter

well as long as lebron's momma stays OUT of court regarding the fontainebleau hotel then miami in general will welcome the king otherwise his talent on the court won't matter because too much distraction is bad for business

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I'm not a fan of Barkley's general hypocrisy, but to be fair to him, he's been saying LeBron's the best player on the planet for a few years now. 

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