Allen West Wrote a Sexually Graphic Letter to His Wife Demanding Sex; Here Are the Juicy Parts

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According to a letter Jose Lambiet of Gossip Extra reportedly came across, Rep. Allen West said he wanted his wife to be his "porn star."

The handwritten letter, which Lambiet says was written by West in Iraq in 2003, reads like a Penthouse Forum letter, as West allegedly tells his wife, Angela, that they will engage in certain sex acts and that these demands are "non-negotiable." 

(Note: There's a lot of anal involved in these requests)

Lambiet says his reason for opting to publish the letter is because West's attitude toward women has become an issue in his campaign.

For example, when West voted to defund Planned Parenthood, he said its "women" are "neutering American men." He also called Debbie Wasserman Schultz "vile," "despicable," and "not a Lady."

You can read the full handwritten letter here. After the jump, we've provided the more graphic parts (which is what you wanna read anyway!).

Needless to say, it's pretty NSFW. It's like Fifty Shades of Grey, except it stars a commie hunter!

So did you get a tan in Florida? From now on you will wear two piece swimsuits when we vacation.... Do you dream of me at all? Every night I dream of you next to me hot and naked...

Angela, I need to know. Are you committed to being my porn star? I do not want to hear "no," or "we'll see about that."

How is that booty? ... I cannot wait to have the tightness of your butt surround my penis as I slide in. I cannot wait to eat your soft, smooth pussy and play with your pussy ring with my tongue. I cannot wait to have your hot mouth suck my dick and have warm cum fill your mouth and drip down your chin. ...

I want to take you from behind in a shower....

I want you to sit on me in your office...

If you are on your period, then it's butt sex or masturbation time. That is the standard and it is non-negotiable.

I want a nice long blow job ...

Then I will make love to you until I explode (probably 2 min.) but I'll make up for it in round #2. That is when I am getting me so hot, tight Angela butt. Get ready!

Judge Lambiert's decision to publish the letter however you want.

We'll just give kudos to West for admitting he will only last two minutes in the sack and then promise to make it up to her in round two. WHAT A GUY!

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How about posting Obama's blow job from Homosexual Larry Sinclair and his other gay lovers like Donald Young and two other gay lovers who died mysteriously execution style just before his primary in 2008?  That would have been more juicy!  This letter is boring and really, don't every guyd write and do this too?  Huh?  Not new to me!  I bet you are a sex maniac yourself!!


A) How can we believe this is real? B) Why do you think what goes on between a husband and wife is any of your business? 

I think you are a piece of shit. BTW: So is that Wasserman woman. She is a horrendous representation of womanhood.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Hmm. How might this differ from Ex Congressman Anthony Weiner?


Who cares what a guy writes to his wife after being stuck in the desert.  My bet is you and Jose would like his cock up your ass.


No need for this..mostly cause I do NOT want to be like a tea bagger and having a naked criminal West slapping his junk anywhere near my mind.  Plus showing this stuff might get him the pity vote and we can all agree the last thing Washington needs is a reelection of the criminal West.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Rather two faced and disgusting to be re-published by a paper that places a high value on privacy in the bedroom.


@angelnova Oh those whacky tea bagger conspiracy theories.  Those I will not miss when they are finally on the ash heap of history.

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