Allen West Thinks Obama Cooked Today's Unemployment Rate Numbers

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In case you haven't heard, the unemployment rate went down to 7.8 percent -- the lowest in four years -- thanks to the addition of 114,000 jobs September and big upward revisions for July and August.

Politically, it's good news for Obama, since he's been taking a beating after his bland debate performance.

It's also good news for America.

Or is it... a dark hidden Socialist Nazi conspiracy??

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch seems to think so, tweeting out the following this morning:

"Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers"

And you'll NEVER guess who agrees with this assclownery.

Yup. Corporal Dipshit.

Allen West took to his Facebook to agree with Old Man Golden Parachutes about Obama's Orwellian 1984 Big Brother (or is it Animal Farm? Or maybe Shooting an Elephant?) TACKTICKS!

I agree with former GE CEO Jack Welch, Chicago style politics is at work here. Somehow by manipulation of data we are all of a sudden below 8 percent unemployment, a month from the Presidential election. This is Orwellian to say the least and representative of Saul Alinsky tactics from the book "Rules for Radicals"- a must read for all who want to know how the left strategize . Trust the Obama administration?

You agree with an asinine conspiracy theory about Obama? YOU DON'T SAY.

West goes on to say that these numbers seem fishy because things were bleak just a little while ago and now, uh, they aren't as bleak. The power of reasoning!

One would think that if the Obama administration were manipulating numbers, the rate never would've been so crappy in the first place. Ah! But Obama KNEW he would lose the first debate months ago and devised a plan to keep the unemployment rate low, to look superbad and then, leading up to the moment he knew he'd get beat in the debate, releasing BOGUS numbers a mere two days after.

Even though the change is three-tenths of 1 percent, from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent. But THAT'S THE GENIUS OF THE CONSPIRACY!

Gary Burtless, an economist at the Brookings Institution, in Washington, D.C., told ABC News: "I would be very skeptical of any claims the job statistics are manipulated."

But what does that guy know?

Welch and Allen aren't alone in the crazy. This has apparently become the GOPer talking point today, led by -- of course -- Fox News personalities.

All of this prompted the secretary of labor, Hilda L. Solis, to actually have to tweet out the following:

"Since 1915 @BLS_gov has provided credible employment data for our nation. BLS civil servants are professionals & I stand by their work!"


The dipshittery of the GOP knows no bounds. 

When Obama loses a debate fueled by mountains and mountains of proven lies and untruths and horseshit, GOPers lose their shit and light their hair on fire. When Obama scores a win, it's obviously a massive Orwellian conspiracy.

And then the labor secretary has to take her time to address the assclownery on Twitter. 

The GOPers and their Teatard pals are officially the biggest trolls any sitting president has ever had to deal with.

They're also unimaginative, unoriginal assholes. But that's not exactly breaking news.

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winsomelosesome topcommenter

Yea.  I guess we just have this BOOMING economy to look forward to the next few months.  Get back to  me when they revise the numbers in, wait for it,.................DECEMBER

Truthfully, I'm tired of the bullshit.  Of the insults back and forth between  people (me included) who are never goiing to change the other side's mind.  I'm tired of busting my ass year after year and not seeing any improvement.  Tired of the excuses and numbers why that is so.  What the President's doing is not working and I don't have any confidence that his future policies will.  The economy will get better but it will be at a snails pace for the next 3-4 years if we re-elect the President.  That's just how I see it and looking at the recent polls it looks like I'm in for a long, piss poor, economic future.


Why are people sounding like 7.8% is something to be proud of? Obama stated that he would

reduce the number to 5.4%. Has he?


The republicans are just upset that despite all their dickery and blocking every damned thing the President tries, Obama was still able to improve the country.

Its ironic the CEOs are out there crying foul.  Because when you look at what they are REALLY saying, it comes out to this..We are not hiring anyone until we get Romney into office so its OBVIOUS they cooked the numbers.

Yes children, the republicans are ass hats.


There are less people with jobs today than the day Obama took office.  The rate dropped because so many people have given up and are no longer counted as unemployed.  When this qualifies as a "win," you are a loser.  Also a dipshit asshole assclown who is full of horseshit.  Isn't that persuasive?


I'd love to explain this to Mr. West, as soon as I figure out how to leave a comment in crayon.


@byChrisJoseph Lt. Col. Dipshit to you commie.


Some cranky old man says it, fine, but that this conspiracy theory has actually gained some traction today is crazy. Although I do believe Allen West was being truthful earlier today when he said "today's jobs report is confusing to say the least."


Let me guess................... You are a government aid recipient?

I find most democrats feel they are owed something. Its what the president has created. a NEEDY America!

chrisjoseph13 writer

 @Native Not the point of the post.


Also, if  the rate being down was due to people no longer looking for jobs, why wouldn't the GOPers site THOSE numbers instead of making shit up about conspiracies??


Because... as pointed out... DIPSHITTERY.




TheRedMenace RT @UptownReport: @byChrisJoseph Lt. Col. Dipshit to you commie.


 @robertreeves2000 Could not be more wrong.  But you are falling back to the typical republican ploy of calling people names and demonizing the poor.


 @chrisjoseph13  @Native This blog used to actually cover news--the missing million dollar Rothstein diamond, for example, would have been excellently covered by Bob or whatever his name was.  But he's gone, apparently replaced by delusional middle schoolers.  Sad.

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