Accused Manatee Molester Is on the Loose in St. Petersburg

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WANTED: Manatee Molester! [Pinellas County Sheriff's Office]

Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies are asking the public to help them catch an accused manatee molester.

An unidentified woman is wanted for violating the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act, which states that it is illegal for people to "intentionally or negligently" attempt to "molest, harass, or disturb any manatee."

According to several witnesses, the woman was seen riding a manatee in the water in the Gulf Pier around 1 p.m. Sunday. When the cops arrived, the woman was nowhere to be found.

I molest deh manatee, an' I dip.

Beachgoers snapped photos of the manatee molester before she disappeared.

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[Pinellas County Sheriff's Office]

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[Pinellas County Sheriff's Office]

She was seen wearing a white baseball cap, red shorts, and black bikini bathing suit. In the photos, she appears to be riding, or attempting to ride, the animal. It's not known if the manatee was injured in any way, other than being filled with shame.

Whether the woman meant any harm or if she was just petting the manatee or dry-humping it or whatever the case may be, doesn't really matter. She might be facing charges for violating the sanctuary act, which is a misdemeanor.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to contact Deputy Charlie Tita of the Environmental Lands and Marine Enforcement Unit at 727-582-6200.

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ChazStevensGenius topcommenter

For a while, I thought the picture of that woman walking on the pier was a grounded manatee.

Seriously, someone get this lady some Jenny Craig, STAT!


@byChrisJoseph wonder how much they can waste in police resources and prosecution costs for a 2nd degree misdemeanor


@byChrisJoseph lol "It's not known if the manatee was injured in any way, other than being filled with shame."


Ok, you showed the manatee. Who was molesting her?


@byChrisJoseph You know who else banned riding manatees? #Hitler


@byChrisJoseph So.. which one is that manatee?

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