Mitt Romney's Campaign Is One Giant Epic Fail, and It Started In Florida

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Congratulations, Florida. You probably maybe almost for sure destroyed Mitt Romney's hopes and dreams to become president of Don'tTreadOnMeLand.

As we pointed about yesterday, RoboRomney set his pants on fire with his "47 percent" comments at a fundraiser right here in Boca. And since then, things have been blowing up all around him.

He's tried explaining it, spinning it, wrenching it, straining it, pulling it, tweaking it, and burying it... all to no avail. So he came out and owned it and then tried to justify it.

Then, his trusty Ward, P90Ryan, came out and said Romney was inarticulate. Because there must be a more coherent way to shit on poor people and most Americans!

And now, things are hitting a critical stage.

According to National Review Online, Romney's campaign is $11 million in debt after taking out a $20 million loan.

Of course, the remaining 11 mil shouldn't be a problem, what with Romnom's monocle-wearing sugar-daddy pals and all. But still, in the face of not knowing dick about foreign policy, being all "we haven't run our numbers on our Medicare proposal but, NO TAXES, BRO", and being a guy who abuses dogs, Romney's been touting himself as The Amazing ECONOMY-MAN because of business and managerial experience and other stuff. And yet, with a little under two months to go before the election, his campaign is in debt.

And now comes the news that Romney and his aides are super sad about these turn of events. 

roboromney foreveralone.jpg

Then one of RoboRomney's minions errr... a totally respectable journalist found a tape of his own! A tape of Barack Obama saying things about... Redistributing! The! Wealth! Just like the Trotsky he is! AHA!

The tape is from 1998, when then-state Sen. Barrack DON'T CALL ME BARRY Obama says, "I actually believe in redistribution."

BOOM. Busted. Election ovah.

Except that, Obama comes across more moderate than Mao in the tape, not to mention that it was from 14 years ago and nowhere near the same ballpark as Romney's pissing-on-the-peasants comments from four months ago. But did Obama really like Shakespeare in Love as the choice for Best Picture of 1998, or was he merely pandering to the masses? Hmmmmm???

The Republican's wet-fart attempt at nailing Obama is only the latest FAILBLOG.ORG in what has been a pretty spectacularly crappy few weeks for Romney.

And then there's the "47 percent" remark. Which was not only one of the douchiest things ever uttered by a candidate for the president of the United States but also not even accurate.

Most Americans do pay taxes. Only 18 percent of American households didn't pay federal income taxes last year. More states that lean heavily Republican don't pay federal income taxes. The majority of "entitlement" benefits go to the elderly and the disabled.

He can't even get his attacks on the poor and indigent right. 

Romney can spin it all he wants. But this is as bad as it gets.

Campaign in debt. Gloomy airplane rides. Eating veggie burritos all alone. Sad attempts at nailing the president with a decades-old video that falls flat. And the "47 percent" comment.

This all most likely means Romney will be "100 percent" screwed come November.

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frankd4 topcommenter

my guess is he wanted to make a point (in front of the wealthy people like himeself)  that he (as president) was going to IGNORE those on the government dole


problem is some of those 47% actually ARE republicans (such as many of alabama and mississippi poor who ARE white or many WHITE retirees who's primary source of income is no longer sufficient to be subject to income taxes )


problem also is MANY, if not MOST, have paid IN over long term careers, republicans and democrats alike,  when they were the "makers" (working and earning and contributing) and now upon old age and retirement or lay-offs in advanced age (many are over-50 with skills and determination yet are out of the higher earning years they enjoyed when younger) are unfortunately the "takers",  HOWEVER they have qualified as "takers" now because they themselves have been PAYING INTO such plans over time


the BIGger problem IMHO is his DISTAIN for those 47% on the dole who may actually be needy,  namely poor children (born into unfortunate cicumstances) or poor elderly (a growing segment of america), and using this as an excuse to eliminate the support based on UNsustainable fundings of these programs (and hinting of the possible elimination of this financial support since these people TAKE more than they PAY IN)


where is the compassion ?


we can afford a war in iraQ for $4,7oo,ooo,ooo,ooo but we cannot feed and shelter poor old people or poor very young children ?


what good is it if our MOST needy are left out of our ability to provide so the rest of us can amass fortunes untouched by any compelling proposal espoused by religion or government or compassion since they are UNsustainable ?


I think the scariest part of that tape is the confirmation that Mitt does not know and/or understand the difference between a dirty bomb and a nuclear bomb.  The tape confirms that Mitt believes a state (Iran in this instance) must be "nuclear" in order to build a dirty bomb and somehow detonate same in the U.S.  However, a "dirty bomb" is simply a regular bomb with ANY TYPE OF radiation waste product attached; i.e. medical radiation waste or other sources Iran would already have the ability to use.  This is a shocking discovery for someone who could become president.  We just can't afford this type of ignorance!  The comments about "kicking the ball down the road," (the ball being attempts at peace in the middle east) were also catastrophic.  This guy is crazy dumb... 


This idiot and all his fellow morons are getting just what they deserve for so eagerly and willfully sucking on Israeli Zionist cock.

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