Marco Rubio Takes to Twitter to Go Off on American Airlines

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Marco Rubio was apparently trying to get to Washington on Friday night for some official Senate business when his American Airlines flight was delayed.

So, like most of us might do, Marco took to Twitter to voice his displeasure toward the airline.

And by "voice his displeasure toward the airline," we mean MARCO TROLL SO HARD.

See the tweets after the jump, where we also offer an inside look on what might've been going on in the senator's mind as he tweeted out his frustrations.

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Marco provides an inside look at Marco's frustration while also letting his followers know that he's up to date with the current events. And even though Marco knows AA is having a shitty week, Marco still booked himself a flight with the airline. MARCO LIVES ON THE EDGE.

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Marco is a loyal AA customer, but this is getting ridiculous! Two-hour delays, cancellations, this one already delayed an hour. Something needs to be done so Marco can get to Washington on time to vote NO on whatever Obama has on the table this week. If only there were a website that not only shows Marco a variety of airlines and flight times but also competitive prices for Marco to choose from! WHY MUST MARCO THINK OF EVERYTHING??

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Maintenance problem, you say? MARCO CALLS BULLSHIT ON THAT ONE.

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Ah, the old maintenance excuse just to fit in other travelers who might otherwise be laid over. Pfft. A likely story. Marco is on to your charade, American Airlines. Monday Night Countdown reference! Hash tag, bitch!

marco tweet 6.jpg

Ohhhhh weelllll LOOKIE WHO SUDDENLY FIXED THEIR MAINTENANCE PROBLEM. And just when the last connecting passenger came onboard! Pretty damned coincidental, if you ask Marco. Or perhaps it's more than mere happenstance. Perhaps there is some wizardry involved here. That's it! Can you feel Marco's sarcasm, American Airlines? Because Marco is laying it on pretty thick. With a hash tag, even.

marco tweet 7.jpg
Hmmm... perhaps Marco went too far with those last few tweets. Marco needs to remember he's an important member of government with presidential ambitions. Marco needs to dial it down a little. Get a grip, Marco. Breathe... Good. Now. Quick... spin something... processing... processing... processing... AHA! The pilots are vets! Perfect. Also, they love liberty! As well as the constitution! Marco didn't directly ask the pilots this, but Marco will assume it because they're vets, after all. Also, they look Republican, so it must be true!

marco tweet 8.jpg

Marco needs to close things out with a funny. Make a funny, Marco. Something the Everyman can relate to. Got it! Aannnnnddd... boom. Nice work, Marco. Well done. Now ask the lady for some peanuts... There better be some goddamned peanuts. DON'T MAKE MARCO TWEET AGAIN, AMERICAN AIRLINES.

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Might wanna get a do over on airline deregulation Marco. Complements of Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 and Congress.

Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron

This was hysterical. Can I follow Marco's Troll? He's hilarious


@byChrisJoseph he is a master at it. troll outrageous shit to fire up the crazies in the base.

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