State Attorney Candidate Jim Lewis's Five Craziest Court Cases

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Broward State Attorney Mike Satz, who has held the office for 837 years and counting, has rarely faced a serious challenger in his reelection bids. This November, he'll be running against Republican Jim Lewis, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer who most recently ran (unsuccessfully) for attorney general.

The main talking point of that bid was his wonderful but quixotic proposal to legalize medical marijuana. Satz has been criticized for being too hard on punishing drug abusers.

In private practice, Lewis has amassed a fascinating troupe of clients who would test the mettle of even the best defense attorney. Below, we list our favorite cases.

5. A convicted cop-killer
Lewis represented death-row inmate Albert Holland back in 1996, for allegedly killing a Pompano Beach Police officer in 1990. Earlier this year, a federal judge overturned Holland's conviction, saying he should have been granted his request to represent himself in '96. Instead, he got Lewis, who isn't too fond of his client in retrospect. "He's a master manipulator. He's been gaming the system from the start, and it keeps working," Lewis fondly recalled to the Sun-Sentinel's Michael Mayo.

4. A swindling gypsy psychic

In September 2010, 37-year-old Gina Marie Marks, a.k.a. Regina Milbourne, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for extracting over $500,000 from people after promising to expunge their demons. Lewis said his client was raised in a gypsy culture where it's okay to charge people "to lessen their load in life and help them with life's problems," but said Marks had made restitution and learned her lesson.

3. A screaming man who jumped on a table in shackles

"Mike, don't! Mike, please! Mike, stop!" yelled Shauntel McNeal at her brother, who had just jumped onto the defense lawyers' table in shackles and started cursing lat lawyers while a witness was trying to testify in his murder trial. Michael McNeal was removed from the courtroom, but he may have had something to scream about after all: he was eventually acquitted.

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