Floridians Think Obama Is Better at Speeches Than Romney Is

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According to a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (the PPP, y'all) after the RNC last week, 58 percent of 1,548 likely Florida voters polled said that Barack Obama gives better talk than Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who only got 32 percent favorability in the speeches department.

The president is still lagging in the approval department, according to the poll, with 50 percent saying they disapprove of his job performance and 47 percent saying he's done a good job.

Yet even with that, Obama is still beating Romney 48 percent to 47 in the poll, which has been the same for five weeks now, meaning the RNC gave RoboRomney virtually no bump.

The poll also asked people what they thought of Clint Eastwood. Because, politics! Weeeeeeeee!!

The PPP says that Clint is liked by everybody, getting a 72 percent favorable rating, with the 11 percent unfavorable rating probably coming from those people who didn't care for his performance in The Honkey Tonk Man. Which is totally understandable, because that movie blows.

As for his now-infamous RNC speech, 41 percent had an unfavorable view of it, with 36 percent favorable and 22 percent not sure what they hell they just saw. 

Yup, Clint's wacky talking-to-an-empty-chair bit scored higher than Romney's ability to give speeches.

This basically means that Mitt Romney would've been better off talking to a chair during his RNC speech last week. 

But having an inanimate object onstage is always a risk. Having a chair onstage is also a risk. 

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"Floridians Think Obama Is Better at Speeches Than Romney Is"


Well that settles it!  I guess we better just knuckle under and give Obama another 4 years to finalize the end of the U.S. as we know it!  Hah!  Lol!

 My aunt said my father would roll over in his grave if I voted for Romney!  Well pappy the only thing I can tell you is to get ready to roll because I sure as hell ain't voting for Obama!


 @missinglink The end of the U.S. as we know it occurred exactly 4 years ago this month, when W. Bush and Hank Paulson told us we were screwed and had to bail out the banks immediately! Everyone lost their homes, jobs and retirement savings.

 Yes, we are still trying to recover. We all wish it would happen faster. I know many are angry, but please try to remember how we got here. You think Romney's going to fix this mess? His own party doesn't even want him. Voting for Robot Man will make certain that we never recover!

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