Cannabis That Washed Ashore on Beach Gets Man in Trouble

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On Friday, we told you about several 15-pound sacks of weed that washed ashore on the beach near Commercial Boulevard. Some "Good Samaritans" saw the marijuana bricks and immediately called 911.

But, in what might be the least shocking development in this story, some guy picked up one of the weed packs and tried to walk away with it.

He was, of course, caught. But you can't blame the dude for trying to abscond with 74 grand worth of weed.

Reginaldo Siqueira Azevedo, 48, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as tampering with physical evidence.

Azevedo reportedly walked up to the bricks, casually picked one up, and then began to walk away along North Ocean Boulevard like it was all good. Right in front of witnesses and police.

A witness pointed Azevedo out to Sea Ranch Lakes police officer Carlos Gutierrez as he made off with the weed.

According to the BSO affidavit, Azevedo made like it was "free weed on the beach" day, tucked the brick under an arm and turned into Emmitt Smith at the goal line, walking away with it in a fast pace.

When Gutierrez ordered him to stop, Azevedo looked up, saw the cop, and began running.

Then, he stopped running and tossed the brick into the sand.

Not done with being the complete opposite of casual, Azevedo began to exercise in an apparent attempt to fool officer Gutierrez in a complex scheme that involved tossing evidence into a random sand dune and then pretending he was just a guy getting a workout in on the beach.

The plan did not work.

He was arrested and taken to BSO's district office in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

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'there's a difference between a vice and a crime, in the latter the harm's yours, in the former- just mine.'

only crime committed is by the state upon the innocent man who picked up the package on the beach

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Good Samaritan citizen is a squealer. Under maritime salvage law the property is up for grabs. He didn't steal it. The guy had free weed for life. I despise squealers. Temporary possession should get a walk.

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