Broward Adopts Climate Change Plan; Dumbasses Think It's a U.N. Conspiracy

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Broward has been out in front of the rest of the state, maybe the country, in terms of preparing for climate change and rising sea levels. The county commissioned a report showing that large parts of Lauderdale could be underwater 50 years from now. Over and over, experts say our low-lying areas are facing a huge problem. So some officials are trying to form a plan for how to face rising tides and changing weather.

At the County Commission meeting Tuesday night, county leaders moved to recognize climate change as a deciding factor in how we build and live.

One person showed up in support. The rest of the public comments came from dumbasses, who stood up for every line item to rant about a government conspiracy.

One of the dumbasses said that "global warming is a hoax, and we should not get involved in it."

"This is something that the United Nations is trying to come in and take us over," said another dumbass, who called it "disgusting" that commissioners were smirking while he talked.

"[The dumbasses] truly believe that the slogan 'Think globally, act locally' comes out of some one-world government conspiracy," said Commissioner Stacy Ritter. That was noted in a column today by Fred Grimm, who charitably refers to the dumbasses as "nuts."

Ritter also noted that the dumbasses were giving a lot of credit to the U.N.

Local lobbyist and environmentalist Seth Platt posted comments after the meeting, noting that one person, Valerie Amor, showed up in support of the plan. "In opposition, several crazy Tea Party members attempted to debate the issue, muttering complete and utter nonsense," he wrote.

The resolution passed despite the testimony of the dumbasses.

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I'm not denying ice is melting from polar caps.

but what is Broward government going to do?    what can anyone do?  its a fact coal is cheaper to burn than most anything else.  USA gets more than half its energy from Coal.  China gets more.


broward could stop burning oil, and convert all its vehicles to natural gas, or electric.  but it would have to raise taxes to do it. 


Would you support a 10%  sales tax in Broward to pay for it?


bottom line, its not going to make much difference what Broward does on a world problem.



Why does the right keep trying to deny science?  They cant keep burying their heads into the sand.


what good does it do to declare global warming exists?  what is county government going to do?


build on stilts?  higher seawalls?  or dams around the ocean? 


-I think it would be better to focus on the current problems like dumping raw sewage into the ocean, or pumping it into the aquifer.  if and when sea level rises to a point where everything floods, it will probably be just too expensive to live here, and everyone will abandon so fla.  and move to higher ground.






 @smdrpepper what would you suggest we actually do about this issue?


 @Doggg At least Broward is trying to plan for it.  We really need to get away from using oil as our answer to everything.  Its running out as is, but it also pollutes.  Most of this stuff cant be done on a local level, but something needs doing.


 @smdrpepper So you have no answers, but we should do something, even if its wrong.  Okkkk!  Broward is very good at doing something. 


Nuclear energy is much cleaner, but where do we store the waste.






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