Bill Clinton Just Might Win Obama Florida

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In case you missed it, Bill Clinton had a few billion things to say last night during his DNC speech. The former president spoke for approximately 48 minutes (and might still be talking right now, so somebody better check).

But it's all good, baby. Because America loves Bubba.

He's become the de facto elder statesman for the Democratic party, and is remembered as the guy who was in charge when things were roses and sunshine. 

The man single-handedly defeated the Cowboys and Giants last night.

So when Bill Clinton has something (or several thousand somethings) to say, people really don't mind. And that can be a key factor in Obama winning Florida again come November.

In the latest Gallup poll, just 43 percent of white respondents said they view Obama favorably, compared to a 63 percent favorability rating for Clinton.

Clinton also beats Obama 67 percent to 46 percent among white voters 55 and older.

And while there's no scientific data or polls on it, everyone knows he does well with the ladies.

Ads featuring the silver haired William Jefferson Clinton have begun to pop up on television screens all over Florida recently. There he is, looking sharp, glint in his eye, Arkansas drawl, those long fingers. His silky smooth message in those ads: Obama wants to build a strong middle class just "like when I was president." *bites lip*

And in last night's speech, Bill was able to kill the Republicans softly with that Clinton charm by reminding everyone of how shitty things truly were when Obama took over. 

How bad? 

So bad that, "not I even I would be able to fix it in just four years," he told America.

He hit the raucous DNC crowd with a "now listen to this," before launching more proverbial kicks to the Republican's proverbial groin. 

He defined the GOP's message in Tampa in a single Clintonian sentence: "We left him a total mess, but he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in."

He went after Paul Ryan when the vice presidential nominee attacked Obama for cutting $716 billion from Medicare, even while his own budget proposal includes those same cuts.

"You gotta give him one thing," Clinton said of Ryan with a smile. "It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did."

Only Bill Clinton could evoke the size of a dude's balls into a speech and bring the crowd to its feet.

He was engaging, intelligent, funny, and charismatic.

In other words, he was Bill Clinton.

Historically, Florida has always loved Clinton. He won the Democratic primary here in 1991, and won the state during the general election for his second term in 1996. His wife won the state over Obama in the 2008 primary by 17 percentage points.

"Bill Clinton is golden in Florida," said Dan Smith, a University of Florida political science professor.

Golden, you say? Awww yea...

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Abby Goss
Abby Goss

Say what you must about Clinton, no one can out-shine his brilliance. He is epic!


Bill Clinton sounded like a great attorney who was attempted to get his guilty party off th charges that he's clearly responsible for.  That was no structured campaign speech, that was closing arguments!  Romney/Ryan...go get this done! 


Cllinton was epic failure in Florida. 

riverrat69 topcommenter

Just look to Tallahassee and see what Scott and the rest of the Repubs are doing for you. Check your Citizens policy and tell me how much you love it. Mittens and Ryan are even worse.

Carolyn Wilson
Carolyn Wilson

Yup, as the article says, ""Bill Clinton is golden in Florida". The speech was epic.


Funny, I tried to listen, but all I kept hearing was, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman... Ms. Lewinsky..."

Ryan Andersen Merz
Ryan Andersen Merz

I don't know if Floridians are smart enough to recognize Bubba can't be Vice President.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

 @bcconfidential  Caca. Clinton was a star on stage and had no desire to pull any punches. Billy C. rocked the house.


@johnaustintyler ...try to get over it already...what matters is the job he did for our country!..He was set up to be overthrown just like President Obama.. Yoe right wingers have gnat sized brains


 @johnaustintyler I'll take a blow job with an intern over two unfunded wars, a trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy, an off the books increase for prescribtion drugs, an attack on our civil rights.

And last, but not least, forsaking our moral superiority.

But what the fuck do I know?  I'm a card carrying East Coast liberal pinhead socialist.


 @ChazStevensGenius  @johnaustintyler

 take a chill pill turbo, I was posting a joke. btw- I didn't do her, Bill did. Scream at him already... and seriously... "lighten up, Francis." Bill's not running for office and neither is numbnuts. we got two guys who want the job a two million who don't. So don't think for a second anyone of them is the best we got. They aren't. They are just like Bill that's all... Willing.

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