Alligator That Bit Off Elderly Woman's Arm Has Been Killed

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Yesterday we told you about 84-year-old Carol Hough being found bleeding in a Lake County canal from an apparent alligator attack.

We also told you the alligator ripped her arm off. BECAUSE IF ARMS GET RIPPED OFF FROM TORSOS, IT LEADS ... er something.

Anyway, that alligator should've thought twice about being so alligatory, because now it's had its comeuppance and has been found and killed, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Suck it, alligator!

FFWCC spokeswoman Joy Hill says a seven-foot, five-inch alligator was found in the canal behind Hough's mobile home and put down.

Hill also claims that no body parts were found in the alligator's stomach. However, authorities do believe it's the same alligator anyway, because the one that attacked Hough was also 7-foot-5 and "it had no fear of humans."

And as you may or may not know, it's scientifically impossible for two or more alligators to be the same exact size and length. Also alligators are totally petrified of humans.

So there you go.

But, hey. Whatever. Alligator justice must be carried out. So watch out, alligators.

Doctors say Hough lost her right arm between the elbow and shoulder. Authorities aren't sure what she was doing in the canal in the first place. She remains hospitalized and in critical condition.

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Alexis Terrosa
Alexis Terrosa

that dumb ass lady was probably feeding it something and the gator decided to go for dessert.

Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne

I really hate when they do this. The idea that it is anything other than revenge completely ridiculous. The idea that the gator is now anymore dangerous to humans then any other gator is idiotic. The idea that the gator now has a taste for human flesh is even more idiotic in addition to being weirdly arrogant. Who says we taste better than fish or canal ducks?

Patrick Baisley
Patrick Baisley

Sounds like the alligator was just being an alligator...what a shame.

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